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Thread: johnny reb and billy yank, which one are you?

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    Default johnny reb and billy yank, which one are you?

    by the title im referring to the american civil war, from what i understand seems to be one of the most memorab;e wars in american history.

    but reading a historical novel from the side of the confederates, ive begun to realise that the events leading to the civil war bear a striking resemblence to some in todays political climate, and that the issue of slavery being merely a tiny wedge in what were already splitting relations beween the north and the south, areas of the latter seem coincidently to match the areas of what people now call the bible belt. food for thought in my opinion.

    And now today we have another boiling pot of an issue this time, the unofficial emergence of 'jesusland' with the threat of biblical creationists trying to break down the seperation between church and state

    so? if things exploded, what would you be, a billy yank? or johnny reb?
    American Civil War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia the link here gives an idea as to which states were confederate, and which were union.

    Bible Belt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and for comparison, heres a look at the bible belt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkmaster View Post
    You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
    *giggles* Sorry, that just cracked me up.

    To the OP:

    I don't think there would ever be a second civil war. The first one was terrible enough. I think it's stupid to ask people to pick sides for it, too.

    You do realize, of course, that the government can call in the military to 'put down' things like that before they get started, right? It's not a nice thing to think of, but I'm sure it would happen before everyone just decided they weren't going to be part of the United States anymore. Typically nowadays people solve these kinds of issues with legal cases, petitions, bills and laws.

    And beware...historical novels do not always equal history books. Also...hindsight is 20/20.

    There's also no telling whether the states that were Union and the states that were Confederate would split that way again. I mean people have changed a lot since then.

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    My Great Great Grandfather was a officer for the Confederates in the Civil War, in a division in North Carolina. So I would have to say Confederate on your poll. If I was alive during that period I would fight for my home state of Virginia on the Confederate side.

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    Uh, can I pick neither? The poll seems awfully bipolar, and you can't pick the last one because it just says: "I don't know which one of these two factions I belong to or I don't live here."

    -and the 'threat' of creationists is practically non-existent, even here in Texas.

    --I also call foul on the links to wikipedia, example: I just altered the entire homo-erectus article to: "haha, erectus."

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    People have been talking about the possibility of a second civil war for a while, but I think it's mostly just rumors. The sociopoitical differences you have pointed out between the north (plus California) and the south-midwest is largely latent from the sociopolitical divides of the civil war era, and I think that's what you're detecting. But I find it unlikely that there would be a civil war for the following reasons:

    1) Lack of sufficient motivation. The church and state issues you're bringing up (which I think you're exaggerating, see note below) are hardly enough for state governments to band together and secede.
    2) Economic codependence. Many businesses would not take kindly to having whole sectors of their businesses cut off, and wouldn't be in favor of a war.
    3) We have enough to worry about right now without starting a war among ourselves. I think there is a large enough margin of the population that is tired of the war, plus the even larger portion that's scared of the idea of war crossing into our home territory, that no one's really itching to start shooting missiles at ourselves.

    Note: I don't mean this as an attack on you, but your comment about creationists is rather naive to the issue of creationism and the church-state divide. Creationists come from all corners of Christianity, and there is a wide range of political opinion among them. Furthermore, a large constituent of creationists (i.e. Baptist heritage, congregationalist, churches) is vigilantly pro-separation, but doesn't see that separation in the same way non-religious folks might. That disagreement does not mean they aren't in favor of separation. The disagreement here arises because the division between private/public and state/religious is extremely problematic. But that's a bit off topic, so I'l take it no further than that.

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    Where I grew up was technically in the Union, however local sentiment was more for the Confederates. Personally I support both the individual rights of states and the causes of the Abolitionists, Suffrage, and Civil Liberties movements- so I guess I would have been a moderate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by noleafclover View Post
    Personally I support both the individual rights of states and the causes of the Abolitionists, Suffrage, and Civil Liberties movements- so I guess I would have been a moderate?
    Sounds like me...smacking everyone right and left screaming "Why you do this?!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkmaster View Post
    You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

    Couldn't agree more. The current political division in the United States are more right v. left than anything particularly geographically based. Add to that the fact that no one really takes the "Christian sharia" types seriously.

    Just as an aside, has anyone used "Christian sharia types" to refer to the religious nuts that want to legislate morality? If not, then it's Copyright 2011 ViperTech Enterprises. :P

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    cant help but think of Johnny Horton's "johnny reb" song. and then of course the singer johnny rebel.

    theres always a potential for another civil war. we are a large nation composed of individual states. if the union of states isnt benefiting all states then to hell with the union. predicting where lines would be drawn and over what is difficult at best. politics on the coasts are much different than more inland. water rights/availability could easily start a war too. the east has much more water than the west does. blah blah blah. incomplete thoughts :p

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