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    Hi everyone, Just came across this site and decided to join.

    I've been an AB/DL for about 10 years and love it. I'm really into photography, [removed content that can be construed to be a personal ad]

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    Hey KenPenguin,

    It's nice to see that you're accepting of being an ABDL, for many people here it has been a hard (if not ongoing) process. What kind of photography are you interested in, exactly (landscapes, sports...)?
    Anyway, do you think you could share a few other cool facts about yourself, like what you studied/what field you work in, what books/movies/games you like, things of that nature. Having a general idea of your interests will help members here see you less as a screen name and more as a human

    Anyway, welcome to ADISC,


    p.s. you say that you just stumbled across this site, yet your join date in April 2008. Might there be an interesting story behind that?

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    Alright another artist joins the site! I hope you will share some of your talent with us.

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    I have done sports and some friends model photo shoots, I have done a lot of landscape photos.

    I love movies!! some favorites are Matrix trilogy, Serenity, Eagle Eye, Boondock Saints...

    3 years ago I was becoming more accepting of that I truly was and abdl so I was looking online for other people like me and came across this site and joined but then my laptop crashed and I lost all my sites I visited and just came across the site again recently.

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