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    Default Lent

    So, lent starts on the 9th of March this year, which gives us all one month exactly from today to work out if you're going to do something for it, and if you are what?

    This year I'm planning on practicing lent the traditional way, by giving up eggs, meat and dairy. I will be breaking the 'fast' on each Sunday during the 40 days to eat meat and suchlike to make sure I don't get ill.

    I'm also going to be giving up chocolate and crisps, to make Easter Sunday much more exciting.

    So, will you be joining me in some sort of fast?

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    Nope. I've not lent my dietary judgement out. : p

    Although I may begin working out again.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Back when I was still a Christian, I always looked to Lent as a perfect opportunity to try to rid myself of bad habits. One year, I gave up using swear words for Lent. That worked out so well that I hardly ever curse anymore. I gave up booze for Lent once and it resulted in a permanent reduction in my alcohol consumption. I gave up meat for Lent once and I think that it was instrumental in becoming a vegetarian.

    So while I am no longer a Christian (I'm a Wiccan), I still carry the lessons of Christianity with me.

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    I think I'll celebrate lent by depriving myself of lent celebrations~

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    I certainly struggle to identify as a Christian now-a-days (bye bye ministerial training) but I like a challenge and this is it. I also plan on practicing the fasting for Ramadan this year, which involves not eating during daylight hours, so I see this as a bit of a practice.

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    I've never observed lent, even while I was still a Christian. I don't think I would need it too badly anyway. Though I definitively have my vices (chocolate, coffee and feta cheese, I'm looking at you >.<) I would still say that I eat reasonably healthy, and I completely abstain from things like alcohol and cigarette anyway. If I where to observe lent, I would probably just try to eat more fruits and vegetables :P

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    im orthodox so we dont celebrate lent , well my family doesnt usually, or maybe we do

    what i DO know however is thattheres usually a period before orthodox easter, the date often different to catholic easter due to being calculated using a lunar calander where which my family , at least used to fast progresively shedding meat than eggs then dairy, ad on good friday not even consuming oils.
    this period never went for long 2 weeks at the most and often only 1 week. communion occurs during the wek leading up to it usually saturday or thursday, on friday night, theres usually a service whereby a mock 'sarcophagus of jesus is carried around the block to signify being carried to his burial place.

    and on saturday nigt just before midnight, you attend a service where, at midnight his ressurection is announced, then you go back home and studff your faces to make up for the food you DIDNT eat during the previous week or so. plus the legendary egg cracking competitions.

    easter is also, without a shadow of a doubt the most important event in the eastern orthodox calender.

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    Isn't lent the stuff that plugs up your dryer/belly button?


    Anyway, I think I might give up alcohol, but that almost feels like cheating.

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    I was just thinking about this earlier today. I haven't done anything the past few years, but in the past I've:
    - given up all candy and desert foods
    - given up pop (soda)
    - given up self-induced sexual stimulation (yes, that meant trying to go without thinking about diapers too, lol)
    - given up violent video games (Doom, Grand Theft Auto, etc.)
    - given up swearing
    - given up fast food (I have never given up meat though)

    I have also committed to:
    - praying a lot more often
    - doing a lot of pushups (60 on the first day, then add one more each day until I get to 100)

    This year, I'm thinking I would like to try to do a few things again.
    I may reduce my candy/soda intake, though not removing it completely, and will likely try to do pushups again. I'll have to think about it though, as I don't go so hardcore with this stuff like I used to.

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    I'm going to give up sex...

    Honestly, don't really know what to give up. I don't eat much junk food, I only play video games because I have nothing better to do, since I can't find a job, and even then it averages to less than 2 hours a day, since I either don't play at all, or will binge for an entire day, so that's not really hard to stop. I don't pick the meals here, so I can't just "not eat" a certain type of food. Don't watch much TV. Only thing I really spend a lot of time on is the computer... but I don't see what stopping would accomplish. It's not a bad habit, and it doesn't really get in the way of things. For instance, I also read books while I'm on the computer, trying to manage a book every week or two. My life is already fairly well-balanced. I might try doing a reverse-Lent thing and do something NEW for forty days. Might try working out, or something. Possibly go for a run every day. I guess I'd be giving up "laziness"... Any ideas?

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