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    so I got to thinking of the swelling up part of diapers, and I was wondering is it just me or do the backs of a diaper, don't seem to swell much if at all. Is this due to the weight of the wearer compressing that section, or is that how it's made?

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    My understanding is that the back of the diaper dosent have as much absorbent matterial. Therefore it won't soack up as much liquid and that means it won't swell as much. So it's to do with the way the diaper is made.

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    Basically the front has more padding while the back has more room for other stuff.

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    What has always annoyed me is the back padding never seems to get used.. you can have a diaper which is saggy, almost leaking, and when you take it off, the back is still completely dry... sigh.
    some diapers are better than others. Moilcare seems to wick well, and use the back, but it also clumps and falls apart. bambino also seems to use more of the back padding. Abena doesn't wick as well in my experience.
    so i try to lean back sometimes when wetting to ensure some moisture runs backward (or pee while laying on back, pointed down)..

    all that being said, even when i do manage to use the back of the diaper, it never really swells up that much if at all, so would have to agree with above, it's just thinner and doesn't have the majority of the SAP content.

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    well I've found that the tena supers wick to the back nicely,
    anyway, thanks for the info

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    I agree, I wake up with a totally soaked diaper just to find that the back is totally dry!

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    Like said above the front is made to absorb a wetting the back not so much. Thats the whole idea of diaper absorb the front hold the back

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    Abenas do seem to speed to the back when wet enough. Although the lack if swelling in the rear is rather obvious: urine hits the front, not the back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incontinent17 View Post
    I agree, I wake up with a totally soaked diaper just to find that the back is totally dry!
    I know

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    The front is for wetting while sitting or laying on your stomach. the padding in the back is for when you're wetting while on your back. The middle almost always gets used.

    If you find you don't like the back being dry when you change, try laying on your back (aimed down) when wetting, you will be surprised. Give it time to wick though, don't expect to flood it and it just instantly hit all the way to the back elastic.

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