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    So, a question for all of you gamers out there: Have you ever tried tabletop gaming, and if so what'd you think of it?

    I've played in several board games (Settlers of Catan and Blokus being two of my favorites), I've played a ton of D&D 4e, and I've experimented with D&D 3.5, Mutants and Materminds, Gamma World, and a homemade system of a friend of mine's.

    Loved them all, and I am quite excited every time I make plans to participate in another session of any of them.

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    Long time tabletop gamer. Mostly RPGs, but some board games as well. Started with D&D way back when but I don't care for it much these days regardless of the forms I have tried.We mostly play home brewed games and are quite happy with those. Mutants & Masterminds is probably the most recently published game we've tried and liked. We'll get back to it one of these days but it will have a hard time displacing older superhero games in our hearts. I've been friends with the people I game with for a long time and it's easily as much an excuse to get together and socialize as it is for our characters to complete any given objective. Unfortunately, with life and work and such, finding the time becomes more and more difficult but we keep at it.

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    Well, if Risk and Monopoly count.. I freaking love those.

    however they go on forever.

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    The tabletop games I play can get really involved. In particular, Flames of War. World War 2-based game. So many sourcebooks and so little time!

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    I want to play more tabletop gaming, but I don't have a GM to play with >_<
    I have managed to play D&D 3.5e a couple of times though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rissy View Post
    I want to play more tabletop gaming, but I don't have a GM to play with >_<
    That's a major problem for me as well. All I've got currently is a weekly (except for the recent snows) D&D4e Encounters session that has little roleplaying to it.

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    I've got a group, we meet every week or so. I'm the DM, we got through 6 campaigns, I'm running 3.5, I looked at 4.0, I'm not impressed.

    Current campaign is set in Eberron, just started, party of 4, good amount of roleplaying, but a focus on combat.

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