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    if you were to wake up one day and say you were a woman if you were a man, and a man if you were a woman, only you remember being different, what would you do, like your clothing, your sexual preferences, and would you try to tell people what happened.

    i would become a girl, wear skinny jeans or relaxed jeans with a thong, wear a normal skull shirt with normal tennis shoes and live my life, my prefernences have 2 answers, the scientist in me would have sex with a man or two so i could see how different it is as a woman compared to a man, but the human in me would be with women because it would be awkward to be with my own type. i would never tell anyone what happened of course, see how it works out

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    I think that I would go ahead and enjoy it, to me being a girl would be fun.

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    I'd enjoy it while it lasts, I'm a girlyboi anyway and on some level I've always wondered what life would be like as a girl. I'd definitely enjoy not being weighed down by the trappings of social expectations and stereotypes of being a boy, that's for sure.
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    I'd actually be rather disappointed. I have a wonderful girlfriend, and she doesn't roll that way. It's weird that I'd want to stay a boy even though I identify as a girl. Priorities, I guess.

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    Well I'm transgendered (officially diagnosed in 2005) so I'd be "Yay! I just saved thousands of dollars" and go back to normal me wearing whatever clothes I feel more comfortable in that day

    As for telling anyone I wouldn't feel the need since most people assume I'm female if the don't notice my Adam's apple.

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    I would definitely enjoy myself, becoming a girl.

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