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Thread: Newbie!

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    Cool Newbie!

    Hey everyone!

    My name's Gabe and im a 30 year old dl guy from norcal. Ive been a dl ever since i can remember but i started wearing again about 10 years ago. I'm pretty laid back and looking to meet new people into this. I am definitely looking forward to talking to you all!


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    well hello there and welcome from ADISC, if i know California for anything its California Fried Chicken and Sunny D. Have you had a chance to read the Site Rules yet they are pretty informative, you can find a copy of them here.

    So aside from diapers what other hobbies and intrests do you have, do you play any sports, what kind of music do you like ?

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    Brits know about Sunny D?

    Welcome here; what would you like to talk about?

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    Hey there Gabedl,

    Welcome to adisc. I think you will find this is a great community with some outstanding folks! As has been indicated in a couple of the earlier responses, most people here like to get to know you by not only your DL interests, but the other parts that make your life interesting. What other things do you like to do? What are your interests in sports, music, etc.? These are all things that will help you make friends here with others who may have similar interests.

    Hope you enjoy your stay here.

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