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Thread: My first DL site post

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    Default My first DL site post

    Uhm, hello? I'm really new to exposing myself as a diaper lover... and... I hope people will try to be friendly with me, haha. If you want to talk, then that would be awesome as well .

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    Hi Chrispito,

    I'm sure people will be friendly with you! It will help us out if you could give us a proper introduction. Please see the tutorial on writing a good intro posted here:

    Looking forward to hearing more about you!

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    Ope...well...i feel ridiculous now...
    Haha, shall I retry?
    Let's see...

    1. I'm a pretty happy guy, most of the time. I don't really let things get to me, and I'm pretty astute in my studies. I think life is made to be enjoyed, and that's what I try to do, every day. Honestly, you'll never find me not smiling, haha, and I absolutely love when I can make other people smile.

    2.I'm just curious about meeting new people like me. I'm entirely new to talking with people like life has been pretty closed in due to my youth. I really just want to talk with people, learn things about them and be friends (although that sounds rather silly, I realize )

    3. "Are you looking to find other like-minded people who share the same diaper fascination as you, but are willing to talk about other things as well?"
    Yeah, I fall into this category :P

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