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    Hi; Ive been into nappies all my life and felt guilty about it untill recently when I descoverd online I was not alone. I wear cloth nappies and plastic panties.Im a tradie and workout; I like western movies among others horse riding and v8s.

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    Hi flannelette Welcome to ADISC most of us ushualy feel gulty when we first get in to nappies, so its nothing to be ashamed about. Have you read the site rules yet ? you can find a copy of them here.

    Im also a fan of western movies, Clint Eastwood has got to be the best actor ever, and The Good The Bad The Ugaly is definitly my fravrite western film of all time.
    Whats your fravrite western movie?

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    Hi there Flannelette, I'm new too! And I totally agree: finding people who share the same interests is a huge relief.
    I agree with yojojo as well, haha, Western movies are simply amazing. And horse riding is a real pleasure too! Do you do it for sport, or just as a leisure activity?

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    Welcome to the site, hope to see you around!


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    Come join our tiny li'l plastic pant group, you would be most welcome. I don't say as much there as I should; but anything you feel like talking about there or in diaper talk would be welcomed.

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    Welcome to aDisc! And also, welcome to the Iowa "Big Babies" Club. It is always nice to have a new member. Please feel free to write us a short introduction in the group forum and to spread the word about our little group. Hope the snow hasn't got you buried!

    Yours in diapers,
    Lil Marky

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