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    Ive recently gotten some amazon credit and was going to order some of my supplies through amazon instead of xp medical which i usually do. My question is if the shipping is in a discrete box. I am getting items that are in the north shore care store front but that is fulfilled by amazon. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience in this situation, I checked the other threads but they didn't fully answer my question.

    any other suggestions on good ab/dl stuff from amazon is also appreciated thanks.

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    If it's fulfilled by Amazon, it comes in the normal Amazon shipping boxes, I buy from North Shore through Amazon pretty regularly

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    What the box looks like depends who is selling the product on amazon.

    If it is right from amazon all their boxes just come with "AMAZON" and the smile on the side of the box. If it is from a 3rd party that sells via amazon it is kinda hard to say what the box will be like sometimes with the smile sometimes not.

    But from from all the times i order from amazon they are normal brown boxes with barely anything on them but i never had any done by north shore care.

    Also amazon has pretty much alot of good things you want for AB/DL. I ordered my onesie, Paci, diapers, and overalls from them

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    Love Amazon!! Diapers are usally shipped fast since they have to use UPS vs USPS.

    I 2nd what oreocookie said, they're just plan boxes w/nothing on them

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    if its fulfilled by amazon they will just be sent in a plain brown box with different address for amazon well thats whats its like in the UK anyway

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    When u order from amazon it comes in normal box. I order my diapers off there and it's plain simple box, and ships just like any other item u'd buy off there

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    So if you are a student and have a .edu e-mail address you can sign up for amazon prime for free and get free 2 day shipping!

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    They are sent in a generic box, with the amazon logo somewhere on the box. I have purchased numerous items from amazon, so they are very good.

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