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Thread: Thickest cloth backed diapers?

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    Default Thickest cloth backed diapers?

    I'm interested in buying some new diapers. I currently have CVS day night briefs and they're great for the price. I want to find other cloth backed diapers that are thicker. I love having velcro tabs so I can take them off and put them on several times if I have to. So, what's the thickest cloth backed diaper?

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    Most diapers are mostly plastic backed, I know for a fact that TENA are cloth backed and i think and i heard that molicare are also cloth backed but I Am not entirely sure about the molicares.

    good luck finding what you are looking for.

    I hope this helps you in your buying decision.

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    The abena X-Plus comes in an 'air' - any abena ending in 'air' has the cloth backing. The x-plus are waddle thick - you'll find them as M4 L4 or XL4 where the letter is the size and 4 is the x-plus.

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    @ Tigger, Molicares are plastic backed, unless they've recently changed them (which would really piss me off). I agree that the Abena Airs are probably the thickest cloth backed diapers you'll find. A lot of cloth backed diapers are cheap store brand diapers or pullups.

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    The Abena X-Plus air plus are pretty well as thick as they come with a cloth back.

    Though, while being cloth backed, they do not have velcro tabs. They have traditional sticky tabs. They do have the Abena double tabs, so you get one retry on the stick....after that you will rip the backing if you try to move them.

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    lol I already see that a lot of people are saying Abena X Plus Air so I'll just go ahead and say that they're the thickest diaper I've worn. They make you waddle, especially when they're wet. They make a really noticable bulge so it's not a good idea to wear in public if you want it to be a secret.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikenally View Post
    How about actual cloth?
    never really interested in true cloth diapers.

    thanks for the advice on the abenas yall. I might try bambinos but living in a college setting sometimes I can only wear for 20 mins here or an hour there so I like to be able to tape them multiple times (I typically don't wet them, again, its difficult in college).

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