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    Red face Another greeting

    Hello ADISC family! I am making another intro because I feel that my 1st one was possibly too crude; and probably freaked people out. I've been on here for a little bit, and must say how THANKFUL TO GOD that my public library doesn't block this as a porno site! I enjoy lots of what you all post here, and I am glad I don't have to be alone with this fetish/ lifestyle.
    I enjoy the arts and music. I love cooking. I am a gardener looking to perhaps go more white collar. After being outdoors last summer (here in PA) I want to be in air conditioning. Another reason I desire indoor/ air conditioned employment is so I can wear a pullup all day. I have prostate issues; so I ACTUALLY NEED protection.
    Keeping it PG-13,


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    The reason we're not blocked for being a porno site is because we're not one!

    What sort of gardening do you do? I worked in a garden centre as a summer job two years ago and all they let me do was water plants and tend to the orchids cos I was gentle with them. Everyone else that worked there were big rough men, and then little old me with my pink gloves on.

    So what's your signature dish?

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