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Thread: crazy crashes and near misses

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    Default crazy crashes and near misses

    just been going some old stuff and this from last year-ish:

    within regulations or not? it certainly looks as though the 'smaller' aircraft has climbed at the last minute, doesn't it? will we ever know if it was a 'near miss'?
    i say that because of another incident, a few years ago, where a 747 flew low, slow and directly over our house with it's landing gear fully down. it was so close that i could the panel joins, rivets, bolts and all that jazz - seriously (we live on a hill and 300m of height is wiped out in an instant for aircraft).
    i'd expected something to be on the news that day about it, but it wasn't. at least 12 months later, the official report into the incident was released to the press. if only i'd had a camera at the time

    anyone else seen similar? (no corpses, please)

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    The photo really dosnt mean anything, as one of the first thing you learn with optics is that the further away and the bigger the focal length, the more "stacked" objects become. If you were to stand on a sidewalk and look down a street, you wont be able to tell how much space is between houses a half block away. This is magnified the further away you are. From looking at the photo, you have no way of knowing if they are close or five miles apart, because you are to far away to be able to judge it with any amount of accuracy. The two plains would have to be flying at you or away from you for you to be able to judge it, but then you probably would never notice the aircraft because you wouldn't see the trail.

    The only way you will know if something was a near miss is if,
    1. you were really close, viewing from a correct angle
    or 2. were in the aircraft viewing from a window
    or 3. were using some sort of radar to monitor the course traveled

    At the low rate of incident per year compared to the high number of flights per day, combined with the odds that you see a plain close enough to be able to judge what is happening, well, I think we are talking about one in a million, well, unless you happen to live right next to a airport, or see one crash.

    Your best odds of seeing something like this, would be to go to a air show, were all the factors are in your favor
    File:Crash.arp.600pix.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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