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    Reading a recent Nursing changing pupils I was thinking when ever I had to go to the school nurse. This is in off topic, as all the postings are mostly outside being needing a change or what not.

    Anyway, At my Secondary school I had the misfortune to go there twice.

    The first time I was 12 watching a rather graphic video. But it was in the name of learning! I ended up passing out watching that rather easily. It was bad that I some how went from sitting to laying on the floor in the recovery position without evening knowing it.

    I quickly recovered and was invited into her office. This was in the science department so was only across the hallway and the nurse was mostly a technician for preparing all the lab experiments. She also happened to have other papers for first aid.

    She gave me a cup of water and ask some general questions. But she seemed to of already phoned my mother to send me home. Despite being a walk down the road from school, my mum brought her car.

    But that didn't stop me, this was in the morning. Got some decent food in me, and got back to school for afternoon registration. I wasn't going to miss PE and rubgy.

    The second time wasn't as exciting. But I was 14 this time. And it had been snowing. So there was a lot of snow balls firing around, it was lunch time. Anyway, after walking with my friend off the main field. A group of people thought they'd throw a couple of balls at us. Mostly missing and we were far away so I wasn't too bothered about being hit. Anyway, when I thought it was safe, I wanted to check up if they had given up and walked away. But I turned around with impeccable timing to get hit directly in my left eye. I didn't see that one coming.

    But I had a real bad trying to see out of that eye. It was painful and I could only really tell colour and how bright/dark everything was. So I was trying to explain to my friend with me at the time how bad it was. He didn't seem convinced and was generally not liking the suggestion I should get it checked out with the nurse.

    Well, the nurse just made me rinse my eye with some water. Seemed to make everything a bit better. but I still couldn't focus with my left eye. Well, I was the first one in the books for a snow ball related accident.

    Was annoyed as I had a history test next period. So I sat there holding my left eye so I can read what I was writing down. I was too busy whining to myself about how I would fail this test. I didn't and I generally was dreading it in the first place. I was a lazy student and never studied.

    That also reminds me of the time later when I was 16 where I woke up with a black eye. No idea on the cause. Don't think it was a real bruise just a really dark swelling. It lasted two days and had constant pestering of "who hit you in the eye mate?"

    So what are your stories if any?

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    I used the nurse's office for naps when I got bored/picked on during elementary school. I apparently have a naturally high body temperature or something, so i'd just go down to the nurse's office, say I didn't feel too good, have my temperature taken and got told to lie down and rest for a while. The little bed things in there were actually fairly comfy.

    I do feel slightly ashamed of this, but on the other hand, I hated school. My peers were not nice to me at all. That's what I like about going to college; only people who want to be there and learn are there, for the most part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnMarth View Post
    when I was 16 where I woke up with a black eye. No idea on the cause..... It lasted two days and had constant pestering of "who hit you in the eye mate?"
    yeah, yeah, yeah, the ol' 'i just woke up like that' was her way of saying, "NO!"
    i know, she did the same to me :p

    Quote Originally Posted by UnMarth View Post
    So what are your stories if any?
    hmm, i don't remember ever having a school nurse until upper school. i'm discounting Nitty-Nora cos she was just one of the mum's from round the corner.
    i can remember all the polio stuff, with the sugar-cubes, from infant school, and i threw a tantrum because i thought they were 'poisoning' us. in the end they gave up trying to force it in my mouth, gave me lolly and threw me out.
    with the nurse at upper-school, i saw her about two times, with the usual child/youth "i'm dying, miss. honest" tummy troubles that seem to last a particular lesson's length of time. it felt wierd to be babied at that age, but also comforting.
    but, the big mystery at our school, for our group of people, was one lad who didn't have to do the 'cough and drop' thing (i don't what happened in there as i simply refused to do it, but rumours were rife), but the excused lad then had to see the nurse separately during dinner-time. he got miffed at all the playground questions and had a fight.

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    I have been to the nurse countless times for vomiting. It is mostly from the school lunches, they say it is healthy, but their hamburgers just are cooked in their own grease and sit in it afterwards, just getting fatter by the minute. The fruit is also just inedible.

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    I have been to the nurse countless times. I have a broken vein in my nose so with the slightest hit it would bleed so I go to the nurse at least 1 a month

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    In first grade I had a coughing fit and puked on the book I was looking at, so to the nurse I went (I was in public school then). Then at the school I went to from 6th-12th grade, we had to get a flu shot every year. The nurse administered said flu shot. I got burn in senior home ec (2 blind girls in one kitchen, the other girl tired to walk with her pan), so I was dragged to the nurse by my teacher. Other then that, I don't really remember much between me and the nurse.

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    I went to the nurse every day in Kindergarten for whatever reason I could come up with. I just liked going.

    One time in third grade, I was jumping rope, tripped, and bit a hole in my tongue a little... What a trip that was! I got to go to the hospital!

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    I was a regular at the nurse, like twice a week, but half the time I was just trying to go home early

    A bit off topic, but I am very skeptical of the people who say they got there diaper changed by the school nurse, because in real life, it doesn't happen that way. This common fantasy and what really happens (like usual) are two totally different things.

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    I went to the nurse (and I use the term loosely) in year 9 with a broken foot, it was purple and swollen and she said there was nothing wrong with it and refused to get me an ambulance or ring my mum so I had to go through the rest of the day and walk home. My mum took me to A&E when she got home and gave the school quite an earful about the quality of first aid.

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    I injured my Achilles Tendon and was walking around on it in a lot of pain. The school nurse was the type that if you weren't bleeding, unconscious or had bones sticking out, you were fine. I asked if I could go home and she wouldn't let me call my mother. I ended up going to one of my teachers and he let me sneak and use his phone. I went straight to the doctor, who was horrified that the nurse was going to make me stay at school. According to the doctor, walking on it could have injured it even more. I ended up having to keep it wrapped and do gentle exercises for a few weeks so it could heal up. I still have issues with it sometimes.

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