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Thread: anyone love doing furry pics?

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    Default anyone love doing furry pics?

    i suck at drawing myself... and was wondering if anyone could draw me a fursona pic kinda like my avatar pic i have no idea on earth how to draw at all lol

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    There are some very talented artists on here, Tavi for instance, but your best bet would be to try some of the artists on furaffinity(dot)net
    Tavi has an account there but there are also an almost endless number of very talented artists accepting commissions. Lincub, Tavimunk, StrawberryNeko and FJF aka Furry Jade Fox being my current favorites. Their fees vary depending on styles and detail / complexity so you'd need to check their pages individually but I'm sure you'll find one you love.

    Hope this helps ^_^

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    Go to the fur affinity forums, then head to the black market, then to art exchange, You may get lucky and find someone who is taking requests or, there are plenty of people in the black market who offer very cheap drawings, that are actually quite good.

    My avatar for example is a work in progress, the guy is coloring it now, But I paid $20 for it. Could not be happier

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    You're best bet is to get a commission. For 20$ you can usually get a pretty awesome full body commission (like the one my avatar comes from :P ). But ya, Colfpup gave you the name of quite a few talented artists.

    If you like the style of my avatar, it's work from StrawberryNeko.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masa View Post
    i thought FA forums were down
    They may have been, But I was just there, so they should be working

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    Umm, *raises paw* me?

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    Here it is:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	masa.jpg 
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    Needs color.

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