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Thread: This is funny... (Town/City Names)

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    Default This is funny... (Town/City Names)

    There's a town in Newfoundland, Canada, named Dildo.

    There's also, apparently a town in Austria called, "F*cking."


    Anyone else know any funny names?

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    Muff, Northern Ireland

    Sandy Balls, Hampshire

    Twatt, Orkney

    Bell End, Birmingham

    Minge Lane, Worcestershire

    Cocks, Cornwall

    Cockington, near Cornwall I think.

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    Cockfosters, Greater London:

    The name is said aloud in front of ten thousands of people every day. In fact, when you fly into London Heathrow airport and use the Piccadilly line underground into central London, you're greeted by this:

    YouTube - cockfosters


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    There's a town called Silly in Belgium, 12 French towns called Billy, and even one in France called Willies.

    Oh, and there's also a French town called Bitche.

    I think I had a book with a list of loads of funny ones in, but I can't find it right now.

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    Lets not forget Pa's, Bird in hand, and Middelsex in the Pennsylvania Dutch area of Pa.
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    Hell, Norway

    The best part is that Hell literally freezes over every year when it snows :P

    There's also a Hell, Michigan, Hell, Cayman Islands, and there used to be a Hell, California up until the 1960's according to Wikipedia (which even had an LA times article written up saying "LA Is Hotter Than Hell - Only 97 Degrees There" when the temperature in LA was 102).

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    There's a place up north somewhere called "Bald Knob".

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    i've been to Hell, MI. it probably freezes over in the wintertime too.

    there's a town in washington called Walla Walla (famous for its onions) and another town called Humptulips.

    the indians in the pacific northwest spoke a group of languages known collectively as salish, and they give rise to some very odd place names. there's a river called the Hamma Hamma, and a county in oregon called umpqua.

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