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Thread: Send a secret message to your friends via MP3!

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    Default Send a secret message to your friends via MP3!

    I just watched a video that showed how to do this. I think it's pretty cool.

    1) Take a song on your computer. It doesn't necessarily have to be an Mp3 file, but I'm not sure if this works with all audio formats.
    2) Change the extension from .mp3 to .raw.
    3) Open up the .raw file in Photoshop. You'll see a giant square with pixelated blacks, whites, and different shades of gray.
    4) Using the Text tool, write a message in black.
    5) Save it as a new .raw file.
    6) After closing out of Photoshop, change the new file's extension from .raw to .mp3.
    7) If you play the mp3, you'll start to hear weird sounds about halfway through.

    Now if you have a friend that also knows this trick, you can send secret messages back and forth to each other. Send each other MP3s, and then open them up in Photoshop as RAW files to read the message! If anyone else uses the computer you're on, all they'll find are weird-sounding songs; your messages are safe. Who knows what strange and limitless possibilities you could use this for!

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    Quote Originally Posted by
    Here’s some good old instructions that I found to hide a .rar file in a jpeg so that you can open it as either…

    1. Get your .rar file and put it in the same directory as a jpeg picture (c:\hidden is a good place to put it)
    2. Open up a command prompt by clicking Start/Run and typing “cmd” and click ok.
    3. In the DOS window, type “cd c:\hidden” to navigate to the folder
    4. Type “copy /b input.jpg + input.rar ouput.jpg
    (where input jpeg is the picture you want to show, input.rar is the file you want to hide and output.jpg will be the name of the new combined file)

    That’s it! You can double click the new file and it will show it as a picture, BUT… if you open it with winrar, you will see the files contained. The picture above has a secret file in it, right click and save picture to your computer and then open it with Winrar to see what I put in there!

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    Just look up steghide, chameleon, and other tools like that.

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    Thanks MisterD,

    You are fantabulous. This forum is really cool, because here are members like you. Your instruction is really helpful.

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