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    Default Hi there!

    My name is David. I'm studying Computer Engineering Technology at an Ontario Community College. I love Linux. I was born with Spina Bifida (which is how I got "into" diapers, literally,-not by my own choice, at first). I love online role-playing, and chatting about stuff. I recently moved out of my parent's place.

    I like having some fun with issues my disability gives me, otherwise it's just a downer. I was a Pampers kid, then was switch to "Small" () Attends when I was 8-or-so ("What? Are people expecting a high-water mark?"-compared with the Pampers in the early-80's, they were almost-uncomfortably large)

    As I said above I love the Free/Open-source OS [GNU/]Linux, and I'm a "Windows refugee"-too many viruses, so I gave up after using Win98SE. I know that's an old version, but I had more faith in Microsoft than I probably should have, and I ended up rather disappointed (They could have done things differently, couldn't they? Sure they could!) I was actually already using Linux when I decided to make the switch, so I could have some experience with a :Unix-like" Operating System ("dual-booting"-geeky-much?).

    If people say "Linux doesn't get attacked because so few people use it, I say "Bring It on!"

    Well, I hope to have fun here!


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    Welcome i hope to you have a fun time here.

    What can you be when you studying Computer Engineering Technology ? Sounds very interesting.

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    I actually started using Linux in the early 1990's when the kernel was still in pretty alpha stages (on my 486!) and then used it quite a bit with the .98b kernel. Even back then it was pretty awesome. I'm fairly married to the Microsoft platform because that is what my career is in but I still occasionally use Linux.

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    Thank you happydl and PIckachu. Now I guess I just need to find a place to "dive-in".

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    Quote Originally Posted by LilDavid View Post
    Thank you happydl and PIckachu. Now I guess I just need to find a place to "dive-in".
    Good luck.

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