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    I would like to write a musical.

    I have no music background--aside from chorus, but I've forgotten how to read music--and haven't written a play before. So, of course, I'd like to combine the two.

    This may be doomed to fail, but ... I have a few main questions:
    1. Is there a software that I could hum a few bars of score into and have this converted into a MIDI file? And, from this file, can I get sheet-music out the back end?
    2. Any advice on where to go to figure out harmonics and other things from music theory? e.g. what notes and tempos are pleasing, and how do we create dischord, anxiety, etc. in music?
    3. Now to the play bit: any advice here? Much of this will be internal monologue with limited interaction with outside characters ... so this seems difficult to pull off, but the best way to go.

    As I've said, I'm sure this is doomed, but I'd like to at least arm myself with what I can to give it a shot.

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    I couldn't give you any advice on musical theory. I can write perfectly sound pieces, but I couldn't name any of the techniques I used... It's not important though. If you're even an experienced listener, you could figure it out.

    I come up with things in my head too. Then I record them, humming, or playing them, then work them out in Guitar Pro 5. It is guitar based, but it does spit out sheet music for you, and supports all instruments.

    You could write a great musical with just a piano, and vocal parts. Simple ones are better in my opinion. My music teacher wrote a very complicated act that took place on the north pole, on new years eve. It was sooo hard to sing, and everybody that I talked to after the show hated it... It switched keys way too many times in the middle of the songs. If you don't try to do that, it doesn't really happen.

    I'm interested in this. I can't provide support now, but I'll sit back, and come in when I can... Break a leg! Hell, break both!

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    Quote Originally Posted by h3g3l View Post




    This software is what I use when I feel like writing music. You can click places and make the sounds you were humming pretty easily:

    Finale NotePad

    For music theory I'm sure there are lots of sites if you just google Music Theory. If you want an emotion then just tack that on the search

    Example: Google Search

    Brings up - which should answer your question pretty well about what makes sad music sound so. As for making complex emotions, you probably want to combine a few different types of chords so try to find out what each are and sound like before you try to write about the emotion for the music.

    Fantastic example of an emotive song with chord changes!

    For 3, I'd ask someone who's written a book. Maybe Dawes?

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