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    Next month, Dragon Age 2 gets released.

    I paid for mine several months ago. This will be the last new game I'll have in my possession for a very long time, but hopefully, it will be worth it.

    I am a huge fan of the first one - despite the fact that it has the lamest gay sex scene that I have ever seen. The combat was addictive and furious and actually very challenging, and I appreciated that. I didn't like how they advertised DLC content that I had not yet purchased in the game itself, nor did I like how most of the DLC was ridiculously subpar and buggy - but the core game itself was solid and a lot of fun.

    Anybody else plan on purchasing the sequel?

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    My copy of Dragon Age II is also pre-ordered. I bought the first Dragon Age because it was from the same studio that did Mass Effect, and I really wasn't disappointed by it, tough most of the DLC was either buggy (Awakenings >.<) or incredibly short and light on story. In my opinion, the best piece of DLC was Leliana's song, and even that was way too short...

    But ya, I can't wait. Tough I think I'm looking forward to Portals 2 more ^^

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    I downloaded Dragon Age to see what all the fuss was about and I couldn't get past the part in the tower at all. The AI completly sucked (well for the allies).

    People and my friend who bought the game told me that I need to pause the game and order everyone in my party. Which to me is kind of stupid. I understand that Bioware patched the game with a easier setting for people who want a real-time action RPG but honestly I don't really care for the story. Mass Effect on the other hand has a great story and superb writing, Mass Effect 2 was good but all the side missions were extremely short or affected the end game. Not doing or failing most of the side quests meant a team member would likely die on the final mission.

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    The demo has been released. If it hits one million downloads two new in-game items will be unlocked.

    I'm currently downloading mine now. Hope it's at least as good as the first. BioWare knows how to make a good RPG, just not good DLC.

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    I'd download the demo but my god was it SLOW, EA needs to use torrents for this sort of thing. I might download it on Steam. Also it's clear it WILL hit 1 million downloads. It sold that much on the PC alone I think.

    I hope it plays better then DA: Orgin's and has a better story. Otherwise Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas will have to do for sometime.

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