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Thread: Tena or Attends?

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    Default Tena or Attends?

    I was wondering if anyone can help out. Ill be restocking my nappies soon and was wondering if i should go for attend slips or tena slips?

    Hope someone can help out!

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    ive only tried tena so not sure what attends are like

    any advice?

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    I think you should stick whit tena. But it is fun to try new diapers.

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    i'd say stick with with what ya know. i do.

    If you want to try a new diaper though dont "stock" up. Buy a sample instead of buying a case or a whole pack of diapers you may not even like

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    Not a problem dude I bought a whole pack of depends, and I hated them. Thankfully I have a freind who wanted them and gave me some cash for em. But I got a sample of the diaper I wear now, adn I love them. Im actually going to buy a few packs when my tax return clears the bank

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    thats cool, what kind of diaper do you wear?

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    I would go with the Tena slips. I like the backing on the American version of Attends but not the EU version. They have a new Tena slip ultima that I have been wanting to try but I can only afford to get diapers imported on a rare occasion.

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