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    So I recently came in contact with someone that was willing to be my daddy, but unfortunately he lives in a different state than I. For a few weeks now we have been going back and forth over the phone and internet, but the relationship feels kind of weak. I know, I can't expect much from this kind of relationship, but I'm sure you guys have some ideas for me or my daddy that we can use to improve. Anyone?

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    You can try webcams. As well as shipping items to eachother

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    Quote Originally Posted by iPampers View Post
    You can try webcams. As well as shipping items to eachother
    im sorry but thoose booth are bad ideas you definatly want to make sure your not giving your picture in a diaper to some weird 40 year old do ya and also dont wanna be giving a creepy 40 year old your adress

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    I'm not sure if I would go to webcams just yet. How bout sending a regular picture to each other? That way you might be able to get a better read on him. Like the saying says, a picture speaks a thousand words.

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    Don't give you address or any other personal details to anyone on the internet!

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    If you're under 18 you shouldn't be meeting up with a stranger who you don't know; when you meet someone on the internet you have no idea who they might actually be, even if they claim to be someone else. If you think you know what you're doing, maybe you could get a webcam to chat with them. But if I was you, i'd stick to the phone/text conversations.

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    i think you both just need to be completely honest with you... and if you do plan to webcam, then make a new email address, just for that, so if it is a bit iffy, then you can delete it.

    btw. Where and how did you find a daddy?

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