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Thread: hi im chris

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    Wink hi im chris

    hi all im chis, 12 month old adult baby age, 23 adult age. I live in birmingam with my mum, older brother who is 25, and litile sister who is 20. (she hates me calling her that lol) I have Aspergers Syndrome, Epilepsy and some other disabilities, but im getting spechilist help with that, i like music, scifi, disiney, playing with my toys, builing stuff with my knex, helping people and helping my family.

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    Smile Welcome!

    Welcome to ADISC yojojo.

    You have a lot on your plate mate, (Aspergers Syndrome, Epilepsy, plus), but you should find support here as some of our members have similar difficulties. I hope you are enjoying life despite the disabilities and I hope that the assistance you receive from the specialists is effective.

    I have always enjoyed Walt Disney since I was a child and still do, I love science fiction as well. Some of my other main interests are history, science and astronomy.

    Well life can be a challenge that is for sure, but it is great to be helpful in this world.

    Enjoy your time here.

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    ooo a play mate this should be fun hehe, whats your fravrite disiney film, you ever been to disiney land, whats your fravrite scfi film, whats your fravrite music ? ? ? ?
    My fravrite disiney film is pocahontus, i never been to disiney land, my fravrit scfi film is that new startrek film, my fravrite music is lulabys, boddies by drwning pool, trniqet by evenessence, sinner by drowning pool, down with the sickness by distuerbed, blood brothers by papa roach, last resort by papa roach and easier to run by linkin park

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    Smile yojojo some answers for you.

    One of my favourite Walt Disney films is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I remember seeing Fantasia as a little kid but some parts were too scary for me as I was so young, so I missed bits of the film by waiting in the foyer of the theatre.

    In my life I have flown overseas on many occasions, but never to the Northern Hemisphere or any Disneyland for that matter, (I would love to one day of course).

    I have the new Star Trek movie on DVD and I like science fiction most when it involves time travel. I like the Red Dwarf series but not that last episode ‘Back to Earth’ as much as the originals.

    Well I grew up on Doctor Who, Time Tunnel, etc. I also grew up on the Beatles, Beach Boys, Bee Gees, Herman's Hermits, ABBA, ELO, plus many more.

    Finally we are having some rain now, after six days of record breaking heat and it is starting to cool down a little.

    Hope all goes well.

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    Yes i like Disney to.

    Welcome to ADISC.

    So what AB thing do you have?

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