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    Default IRC Chat clients

    Since Adisc has its own chatroom I thought it could be useful open a thread where we can talk about different clients to help newbies or any other member to choose a client and helping him to get it , so they will be able to join the chatroom.

    I hope this could be Useful.

    Everybody can talk here about the client they use, how to get it, pro/against getting it and other stuff.

    I'll Start:

    CLIENT: Chatzilla

    HOW TO GET IT: First of all you need to install Firefox on your PC ( a freeware version is available on firefox web site). Once you have installed it you can search for firefox, just click it on google and download it (it is freeware, you don't need to spend money).

    HOW TO RUN IT: just click on "tools" and then on "chatzilla" to open it.

    HOW TO GET ON ADISC CHANNEL: After choosing your nickname (better if it is the same you have on the site), type "/server" and wait 'till the connection is completed; now type "/join #adisc" and you'll join the adisc's chatroom.

    -is free
    -easy to install and use
    -you can set your status as away without changing nick
    -you can see smilies

    -You can't minimize the window in trycon (icon at the bottom of the page, near the clock)
    -If you close the window, you'll lose what was sayd before (maybe there is something you can do to avoid this, but I don't know How).

    OVERALL: 8/10

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    I personally use either X-chat or IceChat. But as i am back on my desktop, I'll be using IceChat. Just need to figure out how to add colour code to people's messages now.

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