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Thread: Anyone ever try wing choice classic diaper

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    Default Anyone ever try wing choice classic diaper

    I want to know if the wing choice classic by kendall any good I need good diaper becuase wear 24/7 for medical but never try them before. I use to wear banded called maxicare but they don't make them anymore.

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    well they are compared to depend maybe a bit better im not sure if they are plastic still. its been a while since i have tried then. might want to just try a pack or if you can a sample pack you should go with that first.

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    It sounds like you are talking about two different products, Wings Choice and Wings Classic. In my opinion, the Wings Classic are terrible in the absorbency department, worse than Depend or store brands. I tend to steer away from Kendall products but maybe someone here has better info on the Choice product.

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    Well, I'm looking for good diaper I can get what about the attends waist band diaper or does anyone have a suggest I need some kind for 24/7 I wear for medical.

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    I think Attends are halfway decent although it has been a while since I've tried them. You might want to try some kind of sample pack to see what works well for you. The last time I ordered any kind of sample pack was from HDIS (Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies) and they were very helpful. They even sent me 1 sample pack each for 2 different sizes. I know a lot of people here like XP Medical although I've never ordered from them.

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    I currently have Attends in my supply. They are not as good as they were under P&G but are still preferable to Depends.

    I've used Wings, Maxicare, and Attends and in my opinion Attends are the best of the lot.
    Though, you may want to try the Abena supers, they cost a little more but are much better and not as pricey as their big brother the X plus.

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    I get Wings Choice from the VA. One is OK to wear when I'm home, and able to change when it's too wet. I usually wear two of them to work, out shopping, etc. I cut the ... well, wings ... off, and make a soaker of the second diaper. I make several slits in it with a pair of manicure scissors. Lasts me an entire 8+ hour shift.

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    I get mine billed for a medical reasons for my bladder so need the good diaper that will be able to handle for someone who wears for 24/7 so I don't go through many like I need put more than one, on so they don't leak. I use to wear the maxicare but Kendall not going to make them anymore there discounted diaper for them what bite. I like them now got to search diaper. It seems to me the wings hold less than the maxicare does I got the wing choice plus what really is not any good for me after one wetting, they turn yellow on wetting, real quick it looked like no padding to them the stripe disappear after one.

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