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Thread: When did you find out there was others like yourself?

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    Default When did you find out there was others like yourself?

    There is probably similar topics like this but none that cover this question.
    When you were feeling alone being an Ab/Dl and felt abnormal, how did you first make contact with other Ab's, Dl's or Tb's? Cause this site didn't magically poof out of no where. how long ago was it when you met an AB/dl ? How did the whole website thing start? Share your story?

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    Honestly, I think this is a good thought.

    And honestly, I still feel alone much of the time. This website and forum is very nice but I have never met another abdl outside of this forum. It is hard for me to accept myself at times. One day, I am fine with things and the next day I am not. I tell myself this is not normal... but then I think what is normal because everyone has some kind of habit or hang up.

    Recently, I play in a Boarding School RPG on Yahoo Groups and through it, I met another girl who has an Inner Kid. Her Inner Kid is much older than myself but it has been interesting to learn and talk with her. She is eleven but sometimes she acts as young as four (her inner kid that is). In real life, she is older than I am. We play and have a great time. I believe that I am helping her to accept herself and in the same way she also helps me.

    But it is still hard. But this post is very thought provoking, so thanks for the questions.

    I hope if you are searching that you have better luck than I do! I hope you have full acceptance and that you do not have to worry about who and why you are what you are.

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    My first encounter - online - with AB/DL was ages ago with AOL chat rooms. I had recently given in to my desire to wear diapers again, and felt like a total FREAK and alone and the only one in the entire world. I happened to stumble across a post in one AOL chat room, followed that post and found a chat room dedicated to the topic of adults wearing diapers. I was BLOWN away, needless to say.

    My first encounter - in real life - with another AB/DL person was a couple years later when one of the guys I had been chatting with for a long time on AOL suggested we meet somewhere in a public place. I was nervous as hell, but agreed. We met at a local TGI Fridays and had lunch together. It was AMAZING to be able to actually talk about diapers with another person - in person. I have since met other people in real life, but not very often and ALWAYS in very public places. Still, it's great knowing you are not alone and to meet people both online and off. Thank god for the internet!

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    My first encounter with actual *BDLs online (let's disregard a certain website from the equation) was on an old (and defunct) French forum called Teen Baby Kingdom (fun fact, it's also the first place where I've ever heard TBDL/ADISC mentioned). I must have been 14 or 15 the first time I stumbled there. Talking to teens that had the same interest, and adults that managed to balance it with there adult life, are both things that helped me cope with this whole desire.

    As for the first time I've met another ABDL in real life, well it was actually organize trough this very website's IRC :P. I had acquainted myself to OliLion on IRC, and I knew he lived in Quebec City. Over the winter holidays I was going to go visit family in the area, so I figured, hey, this might be my chance to finally meet another one like me. So I PMed him about it and he agreed to try to meet. We found a place and time that worked for both of us (a public place, which was specially important since neither of us knew the other all that well, even online) and, well, it was really great. It's hard to describe exactly, but normally the whole diaper thing is something I try to hide, or at least it's something that's awkward (like, my parents know, but I don't enjoy talking to them about it), and even tough we barely talked about diapers, the few lines we shared about them was the first time where I ever talked to someone about crinkles without feeling abnormal or awkward. Not to mention we both enjoy politics, so that aspect of it was quite fun too :P

    Quote Originally Posted by MyWorld08 View Post
    Thank god for the internet!
    Amen to that.

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    I'm insanely private, so I've never met up. I'm not even big on IM/chat with offline friends, and have had bad experiences with people met otherwise. It only seemed to have happened recently that there grew sites like this where there's good conversation and not just a constant stream of "baby seeking..." posts. So most of my online *BDL adventuring has happened through reading stories. I think it was actually when reading the Ariel story where I first felt like someone else was out there like me - in it for the comfort and not the bondage/punishment aspect.

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    School of Hard Knox. I Google'd "adult diaper" and got a crotch-shot of some hairy dude's diaper-clad package. Needless to say that sent rather mixed messages.

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    As much as I hate to say it, I found out I wasn't alone through porn. Porn went to link clicking, link clicking went to google, and google went to more link clicking. And then I found ADISC! (Thank goodness...)

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    I found out at age 12. I always had the feeling that I was weird and abnormal for the fetish, and one day I just googled "adults wearing diapers". I think the first website that came up was, so my starting into it was weird...

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