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Thread: What diaper are you wearing now?

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    Cool What diaper are you wearing now?

    What brand or type of diaper are you wearing now,
    and what would you rate it?

    If you are not wearing one now what one do you usually wear?

    I am wearing Molicare Super Plus.

    Rate 4/5

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    Haven't been able to wear in about a month or so and the last ones I wore were Depends Supter Plus and those are 2.5. What I really wanna try are Bambenos and Dry 24/7's.

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    Attends Breathable (size M) for daytime usually with 1x Tranquility booster - rate 4

    Lille Supreme Fit Maxi (size L) for night time usually with 2x Tranquility boosters - rate 4

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    Attends w/ waistband.

    More comfortable than it is absorbant... but comfy is what these are about.

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    I have on a medium Assurance,with a soaker panel, it's what I wear everyday, untill about 5pm, it usually starts leaking around then.

    There Ok for a cheap everyday diaper, plastic covered, the soaker panel helps alot, somedays I use 2 soaker panels, but it makes the diaper really obvious, so on those days I wear bigger pants, with lots of room.

    I think I paid around 9 bucks for the pack, so there cheap to use.

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    Underwear! *hears people in the peanut gallery shouting "Cheater"*

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    Yeah, what Peachy said! As much as I like diapers, there's nothing as refreshing as underwear at other times, which actually breathes, no matter what those packages say

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    i have to agree with you there

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