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Thread: Nighttime & Morning Routines

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    Default Nighttime & Morning Routines

    Apologies if this is a duplicate thread...

    Just wondering if anybody had/has a set morning & nightime routine for when they wear to bed at night?

    As a kid whilst bedwetting, it was normally:

    Bath 7pm>Drynite & PJ's on>Drink>Bed 7.45pm>sleep sleep>Wake up >breakfast>change into normal clothes

    However, on weekends I would normally spend most of the morning in my night stuff, something which stuck as I'd forget what was underneath my PJ's....whoops!

    Nowadays whenever I choose to wear to bed at night, its pretty much the same routine, just swap the Drynites for something more thirsty and I thankfully no longer get sent "up the wooden hill" at 7.45pm prompt!

    So guys, whats your routine?

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    Night put on a nice thick cloth diaper, morning shower, and I have started this month putting a disposable diaper on for the day, I have been playing around with wearing 24/7 for the heck of it, no one has noticed to the best of my knowledge.

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    Before bed change into a dry cloth diaper and clean plastic pants, wake up wet around 6am every morning and spend the next two hours in front of the computer. By that time I am soaked, get cleaned up and ready for work, another dry cloth diaper and away I go.

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    Home from work, change after an hour or so. Dinner. Shower. Fresh diaper for bed. Wake up. Coffee, breakfast, and newspaper. Clean up and fresh diaper for work. Repeat daily, except on days off.

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    I usually put on my cloth diaper and plastic pants just before bedtime along with my jammies or nightwear (depends on time of year). Once in a while, I use the computer-diapered-for a while before I go to bed. I get coffee when I wake up, then shower and put on regular clothes for the day.

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    Get in bed, diaper, sleep.

    Wake up, wet or not, pee, take diaper(s) off or sometimes hop in shower still diaperd, shower, dress in daily clothes, then repeat that nite if in the mood.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Preston View Post
    . . . Repeat daily, except on days off.
    LOL, sound almost like a prescription from a pharmacy, LOL

    I haven't worn enough, since being married, to establish a routine. However, a year ago when I was single I would just remain in my diaper until I had to go out and do whatever I needed to do. I have never been able to wet in my sleep, but always had to take a morning pee, so every morning I would flood my diaper and then change an hour or two later,,,of course I would shower too before going out.

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    My routine has been the same for as long as I can remember...

    When tired, get a diaper on...go to sleep...sometimes...I don't sleep real well morning take shower...go about day...

    Sometimes I wear footies to bed if's -12 outside right now...burr!


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    Night: Sleep.
    Morning: Wake up.

    Jokes aside:
    Night: Eat a snack at random hours, chat a little, go to bed, take my iPod, chat in my iPod and take one last look at ADISC, put on music on the lowest volume, hug Kit, and close my eyes.
    Morning: Wake up at 5:55(takes me about 15 minutes lol), take a shower (with light out), eat breakfast that my mom made, brush my teeth, pack my bag, and leave.

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    Well, I don't wear every night, but usually my routine is

    9:30PM: Get off Laptop/Xbox and go shower/brush teeth ect.
    10PM: Get padded or not, put on a cassette tape (Because they have auto-stop and I like to listen to music while going to sleep), then just mess around on my phone or something while I fall asleep

    7:30AM: Wake up, change out of padding if i'm wearing it, eat some food, have a shower, check eBay/Facebook/YouTube/adisc/email, then ride or drive to school.

    Weekends: Almost always get padded on Fridays and Saturdays. Usually do that on Friday afternoon when I get home from school, then sit on the computer until 3am, wake up mid day saturday and repeat.

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