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Thread: Inappropriate behavior on the Internet

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    Default Inappropriate behavior on the Internet

    Thought I would post this, cause this happened to me back about a few months ago.

    One night, I was surfing around, and had gone to ABY for a quick check on things there. I don't normally hang there cause I don't feel all that welcome but I do have friends around there.

    Well, anyway... I got an IM from a guy who saw my profile and pic, and well; he wanted to suck my cock! Even offered me money. I told him I was not gay, and I did not swing that way. Really got under my skin, cause of the fact this has happened to me a few times in the past through ABY members and or other websites with a small majority of gays who think all ABs are gays.

    I was wondering if this has happened to other members who got such disgusting messages from people who are of the same sex or even let's throw it out there, the opposite sex.


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    I don't think being gay or straight has anything to do with it.
    I'm gay and I'd be as pissed off.

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    I've had everything from death threats to being asked for cyber, webcam etc.
    This was from gaming online rather than forums though. There aren't any forums I frequent enough to have that happen thank god!

    *waits for sexually suggestive comment/pm*

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    Not sure if you are new to this fetish or whatever.... but yeah, within the AB/DL community as a whole there are those few who use this kink as a means to get into someone else's pants.

    Use your common sense to figure out who is distasteful and who isn't. It's not that hard because, as you just pointed out, they can be very blunt at times. Other than that, try your best to totally block them from contacting you altogether and report them to the appropriate admins/authorities if you so feel inclined.

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    Lol, I had a guy do that to me IRL. It has nothign to dow ith being Gay or Straight. It deals with that person being desperate.

    I wonder if It would help to report that guy to the admin of ABY?

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    I've gotten them...Like recently I had someone IM saying that we talked online on Manhunt (never even play the game...Didn't even know it was online)...And I told him that I had no clue what he was talking about...And then he started talking like he completely ignored what I said and it started getting weird so I just blocked him...But it's not something to get worked up about...You could always mess around with them and have a little fun (pretend to be Chris Hansen), or just block them and move on...There isn't much else you can do (put your email stuff on private or something though)

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    I've been around the AB world for a while, but what bothered me about this cretin was that he actually thought money would make me gay. I ended up having to tell him that I'd call one of my friends, who is a cop if he did not leave me alone.

    That scared him off... but it did disgust the holy hell out of me, and it was one of many reasons why I tend to distance myself from a lot in the AB world cause I am also sick of the dishonesty and the creeps around.

    That bothers me that a lot of people are like that, and not who they are. I've met a lot of good friends in the community, and those are the ones I tend to keep closest to me.


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    ABY must be good for that because I had several comments like that, and I didn't even upload a picture onto my profile. I just listed my general info, and I got a bunch of perverse messages.

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