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Thread: Losing interest in diapers.

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    Default Losing interest in diapers.

    I am wondering if one can lose interest in diapers? Not by doing anything but just by "growing out of it".

    I ask this because I feel like I might be, I understand the whole binge purge cycle but I feel as though I have been steadily losing interest or that passion that I used to have. Also if anyone has any ideas on how to spark that flame again let me know.

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    Well, yes, it's possible. Sometimes people can like it, but then just grow out of it. It's just a phase for some people. Though, maybe you're just entering a purge. It's your mind, so you're the only one who can really figure out what's going on.

    As for any ideas of how to spark the flame, maybe you can just remember why you started to use diapers in the first place. Maybe the memory of will start a spark.

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    I lost interest when I fell into major depression. I had lost interest and enjoyment in just about everything. But when my depression was treated all my interests, including diapers came back.

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    Like anything, this can and will change over time. I suppose it could even leave you entirely and never come back. We don't hear about that but perhaps those who experience it don't come back to tell people and in any event as long as you're still running around alive, it could always come back.

    While the intensity has varied considerably over the course of my life, I've always felt that it was with me, except for about a three month period shortly before joining up with this community. During that time, diapers and like didn't seem like anything special. I was perfectly happy not to be bothered with it, so I made no effort to rekindle the desire. True to past form, it came back strong as ever.

    Were I you, I'd just take things as they come. If you want them, that's fine. If you don't, spend your time and energy elsewhere. It will probaby return with force when you least expect it.

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    My life is busy with so many things, so when I do wear, I enjoy it to the fullest. All things in moderation I guess

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    I think that one of the good things about life is that there are times and cycles for things. Interests do change as time goes on. For me I am at the start of moving from being someone who is incontinent and needs to wear nappies to someone who is incontinent and likes to wear. I'm not sure if I will stay like this for every. But enjoy the ride!

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    Binge/Purge cycle.

    I feel the same way from time to time but I have come to believe that it's all just a product of binge/purge.

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    I ignored the desire for years but it never left. About 10 years ago I started wearing again and found it put me in a better mood. I suppose it's possible for the desire to leave but not for me.

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    I too have to wear...but I do also at this time enjoy wearing...

    I'm wanting to get more into ab and more into liking what I already do.


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    I guess it could happen; there are stories all over the internet of people who just "grew out of it". But you can't really force yourself into "not liking" diapers.

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