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    I've noticed a number of queries on the TB forum about how to shop online if you don't have a debit or credit card, and it piqued my curiosity. While I understand the anonymity of cash or pre-paid cards, the impression I get (rightly or wrongly) is that many of our teenage members don't actually have bank accounts. I must confess, this surprised me. I've had a current account since I was eight (and a savings account since shortly after I was born), and I rather assumed that they were a semi-coming-of-age thing. So out of curiosity - how old were you when you opened your first current (checking) account (or had one opened for you)?
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    I had a savings account for as long as i can remember. But i only opened a current account just over a year ago, And only got a debit card 3 months ago.

    2 weeks ago i ordered a prepaid o2 Money card too.

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    I've had a savings account since kindergarten, a checking account since I was around 12 or 13 (I think, anyway) and a credit card since September or October of last year.

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    My grandmother, who worked at a bank, took me to the bank and opened a savings account for me when I was 5. I converted that account into a checking account when I was about 16 because I was working by then and it made it easier to access my money.

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    My parents opened one up for each of us when we were born, and would put $10.00 a month into each account. It was a shared account, and since none of us could drive, we really didn't have access to it. I opened up my own checking account when I was 16.

    Now my wife and I use two different Credit Unions. (I don't like banks) The joint account (which she basically manages, and uses, and a checking account for my 'allowance' Gas, etc.) The other account i manage for paying off our loans etc. Strictly savings, so no checking account. Money is taken out automatically to pay for our loans.

    Works well.

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    I was 18 when I opened mine, with my first credit card a year later.

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    I have had a bank account since I was... 11 or 12 maybe? My parents wanted to start giving allowance via online banking, I have to say it worked pretty well. Except that they can see everywhere I spend money, so if I spend more than $25 with my bank card they basically ask "Hey, what did you buy at [store] for [amount of money]?". Have to be quick with that sometimes...

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    I didn't get my first credit card until I was 22 years old. Although my wife and I only have one Credit card and no balance, I am wishing I had never gotten one. Way too easy to overspend with money you don't have with one. My sister-in-law and 2 friends recently went through bankruptcy court due to 50k+ in credit card debt.

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    I think I had a savings account when I was about six. I remember barely being able to peek over the counter.

    I got a checking account after I got my first job at sixteen.

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