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    Hello, I'm russel I'm here to get help to quit diapers cuz I've found something worth more of greater value than any diaper can provide for me. Why do people build there life around diapers?. Why,why,why? is far greater than diapers...I'm learning this. Iv discovered this...this is why I'm here...don't worry diaper admins, I'm be gone soon, as will my love for diapers too, she worth far more than a diaper can ever provide!

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    Hello Russel. Welcome to ADISC.

    Anyway, what are your interests outside of quitting diapers? What are your hobbies? Also, I mean no offense, but even though you want to quit diapers, if you're going to be posting, don't flame other people for liking them. You'll most likely get flamed right back.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask, hence the name.


    PS- I think people would appreciate it if you improve your grammar a little. Again, no offense.

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    Nobody here builds there life around diapers, or at least nobody I know of. It doesn't matter what it is, building your entire life around one aspect of oneself is incredibly unhealthy.
    This is a support community, but nobody will advice you to quit diapers. Not because we're a bunch of depraved diaperfreaks, but because we've nearly all tried, and we've all failed. I can assure you that I've really, really tried to quit liking diapers. But after a few months of not thinking about it, the feelings just came back stronger, like some cruel boomerang. Eventually I came to realize that balance is key in life, and that it is very, very possible to live a very normal life (including a very normal love life) while still liking diapers.
    So no, you won't get help to quit diapers, not because we don't want to but because we can't help you. We can help you cope with it and find the right balance, if that's what you want, but if you try to quit cold turkey I have to say, with all the respect that is due to you, that it will probably end up making you feel miserable


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    Welcome to ADISC! However, I have to echo Near's response - you are not likely to find what you are looking for here.

    Diaper Loving and Infantilism, like all paraphilias, are deep-routed pyschological phenomena. Patterns of thought laid down in the subconcious during early childhood, in response to significant events (or a series of significant events). The only time that those patterns can be addressed is during your formative years, before your personality is fully developed. If they are still latent by the time you hit adolescence, then they will gell into an integral part of who you are, and thereafter, are not subject to change. The human mind cannot be deconstructed piecemeal - it stands and falls as a whole - so it is impossible to excise a single unwanted personality trait without significantly altering the whole. The psychiatric profession's history of "curing" unusual predilections is one of miserable failure. Ultimately, you can either come to terms with your desires, and find a way to balance them with the rest of your life, or you can repress them. Many people here (including myself) have tried the latter, and failed, usually making themselves unhappy into the bargain. Consequently, this site exists to help people with the former.

    In the short-term, if you are head over heels in love, you will probably be able to subordinate your desires. However, passion is a short-term hormonal imbalance, and ultimately fades (and I said passion - it's not the same thing as love). Paraphilia, lying as they do, deep in your unconcious, are forever. If you do develop a deep long-term bond with someone, then you may be able to supress this side of yourself, but don't just assume that it will happen. My family doctor had been apparently happily married for twenty-five years - before her husband suddenly ran off with another man.

    If you want to come to terms with your desires, and slot them into your life, then fine. We'll be glad to help. But quitting? Pretty much by definition, anyone who did manage to "quit" wouldn't remain a member of ADISC.
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    Near and Akastus are right. You cannot permanently get rid of *BDLism, it would be like trying to change ones sexuality. You're born with it, it won't go away.
    You need to make it clear that this is something you cannot give up, and ask her if she will accept it out of her sight.
    Good luck,

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    I agree with the rest of us. Yes, you might want to quit diapers and think you can get rid of these feelings forever, but it's just not gonna happen. I read somewhere that a person's "Lovemap", or sexual arousals/etc is developed early on. What anyone feels about diapers is going to stay with them, especially if it was you who originally found out that you liked them, not a suggestion from a friend about something to try.

    The trick is to balance your private side with your public side. Not only would encompassing yourself with diapers be bad for you in real life, but mentally as well. That's why a lot of us here, if not all of us, urge ourselves and each other to make sure that our interests in diapers don't take over our real/social life. Having something like this to go to is not only a stress reliever and a way to relax, but it is also a sign that you're a person who is kind, caring, and helpful. Anyone with a interest in diapers almost always shows positive traits to go with it.

    I, personally, have seen at least one other person on a support forum that said they were going to quit cold turkey because they didn't need them and they found something better, etc etc. Guess what: a month or two later, they were back, and posting. You can't just drop these things. You have to learn to accept this side of you, find a happy medium, and don't let them rule your life. You can have both a relationship and diapers. Just make sure your relationship comes first, and don't forget that you don't even have to tell them about your private life. You don't have to tell anyone.

    Hopefully this helps a little.


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    Most of our members, as you can readily see, have found amazing ways to balance diaper life and "regular" life. If you want to quit, no problem there, but don't do it simply because you think you can't balance diapers with what appears to be a relationship with a girl. Although, to be frank, you probably won't be missed much, considering your lack of activity on this forum until now. Don't let it go just because you think you can't do it!

    Also, think about it for a few days first. It's very possible that you'll change your mind, given that AB/DLs are quite prone to binge/purge cycles. You can read more about them here: Binge/purge cycle - ADISC Wiki
    You might be drawn back in by the fetish even if you don't want to be. Fair warning. It's happened to a lot of us.

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    Hello there Russel,

    I appreciate your post here on ADISC. Even though the topic of your first post is to state you will be leaving, I hope that you have found this site as a resource to you. It appears that you have been with us a month or two, even though you have not previously posted.

    I sincerely wish you the best in your endeavors. However, I hope that you take a moment to absorb the previous responses that have been given to your post.

    Most of us have gone through periods where we have tried to quit. I certainly have. However, this is quite a difficult thing. These desires are often deep-rooted, and return even after great attempts to flee from them. I am not trying to convince you, but I just wanted to restate what most of the other responders have said (in meaning if not in actual content), "This is a very, very, difficult thing to do". I quit for almost three years, but here I am now.

    I do agree with you that there are many things in life much more important than diapers. A special someone in our lives is definitely one of them. So good for you to recognize this. But I encourage you to be realistic with yourself. Have you had an attraction to diapers for a long time? Have you tried to quit before? How long were you successful?

    Again, I am not giving you this information to discourage you from your efforts to quit. I do wish you success and hope all goes well for you.

    But should you not be successful in your efforts, please realize that all is not lost. There are a lot of understanding folks here and within our community that know exactly what you are going through. Although not every relationship is going to be one where the partner has a mutual understanding of your diaper interests, there are a lot of us who have found partners that are willing to accept this part of us --and even participate.

    Lastly, I think Near hit the nail on the head in his post

    Quote Originally Posted by Near View Post
    Russel, Nobody here builds there life around diapers, or at least nobody I know of. It doesn't matter what it is, building your entire life around one aspect of oneself is incredibly unhealthy. ~~Near
    Having an attraction to diapers does not mean your life has to be surrounded by it. It is simply part of me that I believe makes my life interesting, just as does ranching, flying, mountain climbing, and many other pursuits.

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    Wait wait wait... you made an introduction to tell us you're leaving, and it's your first post ever? Wait... what?

    Again, I'll just echo everyone else's response...

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    I agree with everybody else posts as well. I tried to quit numerous of times in the past and of course all of the times, I failed. I don't wear 24/7 or everyday.... it's like few times a week thing and that's good enough for me and satisfy my comfort needs. I am perfectly fine and accept that now. I feel better that I am in the group of supportive people with similar interests so I don't feel alone or feel bad of what I was doing.

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