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    Default how do you pay for online

    i was wondering, cause i was looking at some stores on internet and i was wondering how everyone pays, i am getting a job in the summer, but i was wondering if they have liek a way you can pay for them without debit card, i am mostly interested in getting the bianco bambinos, and i was wondering if they do something for people without debit cards.

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    You could go to a store like Walmart and get a prepaid visa gift card.

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    You can get prepaid credit cards at some stores. They're just as widely accepted, but instead of being linked to a bank or credit account, they have only as much money on them as you load up when you buy them.

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    An alternative to online payment that I have used are NetSpend cards. They are reloadable Visa debit cards that you can get (for free last time I ordered one) and when they come in the mail you can load as much as you want onto it, and like Akastus said, they are not linked to any bank accounts. But the BEST part to a NetSpend card is that they have your name ON the card, so when you order from certain places that may ask "How does the name appear on the card?" you can tell em.

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    The best way is to get a pre-paid card. They are virtually untraceable!

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    thanks guys i will try this when i get money from my job. from everyone helping i really feel the love lol

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    Many websites still accept money orders. You can get these at any post office or most convenience stores. Look into it; if the prepaid card thing doesn't work, then try that. I did it once and it worked like a charm. Just keep in mind that it takes time for the actual money order to arrive, too. It's not instant like credit payment.

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