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Thread: Ever have a spontaneous idea when you gotta go?

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    Default Ever have a spontaneous idea when you gotta go?

    Okay, that might have sounded a little strange but let me clarify. So I am sure most of us like to enjoy our nappies to the full limit while we are at home.

    For me, I mostly will be at home in my bedroom and just use them while online which has seem to get boring after a while.

    With that in mind, the other night I was in a fresh pair of those goodnite boxers and had to go after a large can of arazona tea. Being 11pm or so and everyone was sleeping I decided to put some clothes on & hold it and go out for a walk in my neighborhood and continued to hold it until I simply could not. Being away from your home gives a totally different felling when using a nappy, and best when it is late and nobody is out.

    Anyone else ever tried something out of the blue to make a padded experience more fun?

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    Sounds like fun. Unfortunately, there is a curfew here I live, and plus, I don't know what I would be doing out after 11pm. Maybe going to a store, and going? But yeah...

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    Happened once to me.
    It was actually the first time I uh... 'messed' ;;>.>

    Was feeling really buzzed on new years from not sleeping for a looooong time, and my padding was pretty much ready to be changed.
    Got the erg to 'go' and decided "Hey, why not. See what the big deal is".
    Everyone was asleep anyway.
    I almost hate being the kind of person to just jump into things x.x

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    I have done exactly what you said. A couple of times I have put on a nappy and then gone out of the house sopmewhere in order to "use" it. Once I went shopping about half an hour away by bus, and wet when I was in the shop. I then messed in the bus-stop waiting for a bus back. At first I was very nervous about messing in public, and it was quite exciting somehow to do so, but I managed to convince myself that, for all anyone else knew, I was incontinent or had some other medical condition, and that actually no-one would come up to me and say anything, so there was really nothing to be embarrassed/nervous about.

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    I have had a similar experience, i was going to the shop and decided ... what the hell, but it felt amazing

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    sounds like an interesting experience. I have never bothered to go in public where other people are present, I am to paranoid. There is just something about using them away from your house where your most comfortable.

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    Wearing them out is a must do its so exciting and babyish; I wear three cloth nappies two folded one as a soaker and plastic panties sometimes and wear them everywhere but not all the time and wet them when im out quite often as well.

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    I've occasionally left my dorm room. Thought about going to class in a Goodnite today. Skipped the class instead. I have thought about "going" while out, but coming back would be risky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tmann300 View Post
    Anyone else ever tried something out of the blue to make a padded experience more fun?
    Well I don't particularly like hanging out in a wet diaper, but sometimes on the weekend when I'm padded and I get that reminder that I have enough to go, I just open up and let it happen. All the diapers I have on hand are medium to high capacity, so a small wetting and immediate change is a bit of a waste in my opinion. I prefer to arrive home or wake up at near full capacity.

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    I agree, when wearing I always like to make sure that I used whatever brand I am wearing to the max.
    I apologize if this is off subject but BrainDuBois mentioned wearing goodnites to class. I got a case of the boxer types which I will wear to class sometimes and nobody would even notice that they are diapers. I am not sure if any of you guys have tried those or not but I find them to hold significantly more then the standard goodnites pull-ups They are smaller and only for 60-110+ lbs rather then 60-125+ lbs. Knowing that you think they would have not used a diaper that holds more then the normal goodnites pull-ups?
    Anyone have an idea why that might be?

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