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    so iv really been on this site for years, since before the server crashed and it all started back up again as adisc, but all this time iv really just been a lurker, comin and readin through posts and forums and what not on the username glenbackstrom. haha a mix of my two favorite skiers glen plake and ingrid backstrom. kinda goofy i kno but its my name on many sites. now iv changed it simply to mattylove haha. but as of now i am attempting to come out as a real member of this community to really get to know people and post on various topics. lol after seeing that all the other community diaper sites out there are just ridiculous i really want to try to get to kno some people here on adisc. lol.

    as for a little about me im 20 been in and out of school and right now really trying to figure out where the rest of my life is going to take me. I work in a kitchen cooking at the moment, love to kick it. got a bit of a drinking problem thats gotten me in trouble a few times and really fucked things up. now i just want to get everything together, still enjoy a few brews time to time tho lol. overall im a just a guy thats lost in life and along for the adventure. hope to get to know yall

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    Smile Hello!

    Hi mattylove, sounds like you have been around for longer than most of us, (well me anyway).

    Life can be hard at 20 and not knowing why you are here and what you are to do, makes it harder still.

    Is the stress of life adding to your drinking habit? The last thing you want is to let a drug control you, alcohol as ruined so many lives.

    I hope things work out for you, but one thing you can not cut down on, in getting everything together in your life, is time, (it has taken me years and I still have bits to work on), but it is all worth it in the long run.

    Oh another thing we can not change is the others in our lives, (we can hope to control ourselves but never others); we can try to be a good influence.

    All the best keep going.

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