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Thread: you might all be wondering why I keep disapeering

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    Exclamation you might all be wondering why I keep disapeering

    well heres the reason, busy busy busy, been working nonstop, cutting grass, building subwoofer boxes, hooking up audio, and just recently started getting on sl a lot more, so its kinda messing me up with ADISC and MichiganFurrys <im on that site too n.n>

    well, please be sure to welcome me back, because I just quit doing audio for people giving me a good 3 hours back a day

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    Dont get hit by anymore cars buddy please!

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    Being busy and involved isn't a bad thing, but welcome back.

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    I was born in Michigan

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    Hello! Couldn't you just come on here at night? Instead of giving up a portion of your income? That's what I do. When I'm not on here, I'm either lifegaurding, or fixing computers.

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    well, thats what im doing now, hehe

    if your wondering about the audio, my current record of box building in 1 day is 12, hehe

    Mike D wanted 4 dual chamber 12" boxes for his van, AuronJohnson <forum member here > wanted me to build him 2 speaker towers with 10, 5.25, and 2.5" cutouts that would fit in his room, I made 1 box for marcus who wanted a bandpass 15 box, Kevin wanted 1 box for his 18s, and Andrew wanted 4 boxes, 2 for his vehicals, and 2 for his house, <1 12-x2 box, 1 18x1 box>, <1 15x1, 1 10x1>

    lets just say... im amazed i did it all in one day, expect pikies

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