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Thread: Snow Storm Apocalypse

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    Default Snow Storm Apocalypse

    So with the storm ripping across the United States, anyone else get out of school / classes today and enjoying the day padded? I know I am.

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    I wish. I'm essential personnel not to mention out of diapers... I think.

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    Well we are out of school and I'm well padded, but then again I usually am

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    Not out of school, and probably won't be here in Texas. My boyfriend's in a state that's getting a bit of the worst of it, so he might get out of class. I hope he's okay though.
    I'm still padded anyway though. :P

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    Campus closes tonight at 5, and will resume Thursday morning. In the meantime, we will probably get about 15 inches of snow. It's supposed to really start around 7 tonight.

    I am missing class tonight, work in the morning, and class tomorrow evening. This is pretty much unheard of to have school out so long. I intend to make the most of it though.

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    Apparently we'll get about 30cm of snow tomorrow, starting in the afternoon. There might be school closures, but I really can't see my university closing (and even if it does, I'll only be off work a few hours early, probably).

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    Out of class and in diapers. Went snowboarding out back a little while ago, I think the diaper definitely helped cushion the fall at least a few times! But now an afternoon of movie watching and hot chocolate. =]

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