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    Okay, every time I go to Target I see a "new" (to me) line of Pampers. Pampers Extra Protection, "Great for Overnight!" The problem is I can't find anything about these ANYWHERE else! I've looked on P&G's site and they don't have any info listed, except a few disgruntled blogging moms. Also, I can't seem to find these diapers anywere else save Target.

    Has anyone here seen them and subsequently tried them, and what are your opinions of them? Are they worth the expense? And compared to Huggies Overnights, which ones fare better?

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    Nu uhs. Only availible in sizes 4 and 5... looks like its limited and their trialing it for now :P Im stickin with my cruisers unless they up the sizing :P im small but not dat small hehe. Apparently they work pretty good though, most angry blogger moms are usually people who got like a flawed batch of what ever.

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