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    Smile Just introducing myself

    Hey everyone, my name is Robbie. I am 25yrs old, white male from Alexandria Louisiana. I am here looking to make friends and increase my knowledge. I love reading stories online. I get online every chance I get. I have been wearing diapers since I was 12. My parents never knew till I was 16, when they found them under my bed. They questioned me and asked me if I was wetting the bed. I told them that I just liked to wear them and they didnt believe me. The second time, I told them I wet the bed. After that, they were ok with me wearing diapers as long as I bought them with my own money. At 17, they found my pics of girls in diapers on the house computer. (We only had one computer in the house back then.) My step mom was mad about it and said my step niece found them. I was really embarased. My dad didnt care though. My parents know that I still wear diapers but they dont question me about them anymore.

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    sorry your parents busted ya. its good they dont bug ya about it anymore. hope u have fun here @ adisc!
    ~ Will
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    Welcome, do you think you could tell us alittle more about yourself? Hobbies, interests? Again welcome and I hope you enjoy it here.

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    I guess Ill let yall know more about me. My interests in life besides girls and diapers are working out, playing sports and fixing up my car. I work alot so I do whatever I can do to keep my mind off work. I play tennis, golf, bowling and soccer. My car I have is a 2003 Honda Civic SI. I have put some work into it and more coming soon. I love to race. My Job right now is military but I am about to start college very shortly. I know I have been delaying college but I have also been afraid of getting activated also. If you would like to know more about me just let me know.

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    It is nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy this community. I know that a lot of people will hvae the same intrests. I know a few that would love to chat about cars with you for hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diaperdl102 View Post
    I love reading stories online.
    If you're looking for a good story that will keep hold of you until you can't get enough, I recommend Baby Jake's "kidnapped" story in the stories forum. Welcome to the site.

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