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Thread: DL story clichés happening in real life?

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    Default DL story clichés happening in real life?

    So today I was in math class, staring out of the window (like usual) and I remembered something.

    It was like one of those crazy spontaneous memories that happen in childhood and you remember later on in life.

    Anyways, I remembered that my aunt actually diapered me on a few occasions.

    See I used to have daytime accidents when I was a kid (5 or 6) and my parents were pretty neutral with it, because they knew I would grow out of it. Now these accidents didn't happen a lot, maybe once every 2 or 3 weeks.

    But the things is, I would always visit my aunts house on weekends. And whenever I had an accident over there she would diaper me. I told my parents about it and they told me that my aunt had asked for permission due to previous accidents I had over there. I guess my parents thought this would have helped stopped my accidents. Well right now I am a diaper lover so, I don't think it helped alot. :P

    I think that these incidents may have something to do with me being a diaper lover today. I don't know.. Maybe.

    So my question is
    "Has anyone ever has any thing happen to them that would be considered a DL story cliche"

    Or am I the only one? 0.o

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    Quote Originally Posted by DependsSuk View Post
    It was like one of those crazy spontaneous memories that happen in childhood and you remember later on in life.

    Anyways, I remembered that my aunt actually diapered me on a few occasions.
    I don't remember being diapered by my aunt, but I found many pictures where she helped bathing and diapering me. Obviously, I was a small baby at that point, and it's not unusual for all the relatives to be all over the baby and wanting to help the parents, especially if they're the same age as the parents and don#t have kids of their own (yet), as was the cast with my aunt.

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    I'd ave to say no. I'm pretty sure that I had a fairly diaper-free childhood after I was potty trained... though I could be wrong, I doubt it.

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    I remember staying with my grandparents when I was around 3 years old and having my grandmother diaper me. I was potty trained at the time but had trouble with wetting the bed.

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    There was this one time when i was about 5, we were staying in this resort and i kept wetting the bed so my mum put in diapers for the whole time ...

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    Other then getting money, or access to my dad's credit cards to order diapers. (I always picked them out, all he did was limit spending.)

    The cloest things were:

    1. While in 1st grade, I was picked up by the school bus first. For some reason one of the students who needed to be picked up needed to ride in a car seat. One day I asked the bus driver if I could sit/ride in it until we picked the next student up and she said okay. (Yeah pretty uneventful there and actually restraining. But isn't that the point anyway I never asked again.)

    2. While out for a walk with a person babysiting me two other kids, one riding in a double inline stroller. My leg's got tired and I was placed in the stroller for a few mins, I think the other kid my age's leg's also got tired so me and her got switched. (Again, nothing from those horrible TB stories, just something out of necessity and whatnot.)

    3. There was this one time where I messed in my pull-up while potty training. I was at a babysitter's down the street from my aunt's (I was living there at the time and she was out and wasn't able to watch me.) so the babysitter had to change me into one of her kid's diapers since it din't cross anyones mind for me to have a extra pull-up or two. Of course this was a horrible experience for me and MIGHT be one of the causes of my DL/AB desires.

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    I don't really have any story to explain my love for diapers. I don't think I ever wet the bed, or had accidents. If I do, I don't remember. But I distinctly remember wanting to be in them again, and asking my Mum how old I was when I was taken out of them, and working out how long ago it was. At the time, it was about 4 years previously.

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    I distinctly remember, when I was about 4 or 5 years old, my little brother was still in diapers, and I had been potty trained for quite some time at this point. Now, my mother didn't believe in using disposables for the most part, but for convenience, would use disposables whenever we went camping, because there isn't always laundry facilities. I also distinctly remember they were pampers, and they had the distinct pampers smell. (Which I LOVE!) So, while we were unpacking the trailer after a camping trip, I stole a couple of my brothers disposable diapers. I went in the house, and my parents were busy outside unloading and cleaning the trailer... or so I thought. I went into the nursery, stripped all my clothes and put myself in a diaper. It felt sooo good, just seconds after I got it on, my Mom came in the room. She just stared at me for a moment, kinda giggled, left and closed the door. I was FREAKING out by this time. So I immediately took it off, put on my clothes and went to my room. NOTHING has ever been said about my experience since. My parents are they type of people that believe, if it feels good, and it doesn't hurt anyone, do it.... which is probably why nothing was ever mention about it after. I believe that this was what initally brought me to become an AB/DL. There was a few times after my brother became potty trained, that I would fold a towel and pin it on between my legs, the way I remembered my Mom doing the cloth diapers. I think I kinda grew out of the phase when I hit about 10ish, and when it came back in my mid-20's, it came back stronger than ever before, and it helped that I right away discussed it with my Fiance at the time, who was a little weirded out, but said, "Go buy some diapers, you never know if your gonna actually like it unless you try." Her one request was to give her space and time to try and get used to the idea before wearing around her, or involving her in any way. In due time, she warmed up to it, and now it's a totally normal thing for her, and she's completely used to it. Sorry, I kinda wrote a book....

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    Being the oldest of 3 boys, i had pretty good access to diapers for a while (my brothers are 2 and 5 years behind me), especially when Brendon (my youngest brother) was a baby/toddler. I remember one time I had snuck into his room one morning and taken a pull-up out of his drawer. I put it on and then did my stuff in it, but when i was done i ditched the pull-up on my bedroom floor. My dad was looking for me later that day and he found the pull-up on the floor. He had one of Brendon's tape diapers ready and he made me wear diapers for the rest of the day because i was a "bad boy", but i never told him that i didn't mind it ... i guess that's a little bit of a DL cliche and that's probably what got me into diapers... i don't think i ever wore diapers again until i got my first package as a DL.

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    I can't say anything happened way back then. As my mom puts it, i was potty trained in a day. I highly doubt it was "a day" but it was pretty fast and while i was fairly young. (the story goes that she brought me a set of mickey movies, let me watch them, then put me in underwear with mickey on them and told me not to get him wet...odd to say the least.) I was never really a bed-wetter... I only remember wetting the bed 4 times (one being when i was 11 which was a total fluke). Nothing there to explain where the *Bness came from. (although i have liked diapers as long as i can remember). I do remember a lot of things that i really shouldn't be able to remember though. I have a lot of random memories from when i was two and three. One with my mom asking me if i wanted to hold the powder...

    However, yesterday in History we were discussing what we were going to do for our project concerning the cold war and "X" came up with the very sarcastic idea of dressing up as 2 year olds and throwing things at each other. (You had to be there) And he kept insisting that he and i be the two year olds. Here i am thinking "well...i've got the costume already" xP

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