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Thread: where can i dj online at 16

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    Default where can i dj online at 16

    Anyone know of where i can find a place to dj online cus im 16 and i dont think there is anywhere.... i mean this is my dream job hopefully one day i can be adj in a real club but for now i wanna know if i can online

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    You could use shoutcast to broadcast yourself. If you want listeners i would say go on secondlife, the 'clubs' there are usually looking for dj's.

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    shoutcast is complicated... and it says somehting bout a mp3 license for 5 bucks and i have no idea to start broadcasting

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    If you're on a Mac, I recommend nicecast. It has a built in server. All you then need to do is distribute the link to your listeners. It can be a little complicated if you're not very computer literate though, as it involves doing some port forwarding on your router. But it works like a charm.

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    nah im ona windows, but i do have an interview for an online radio station called paws up radio ^^

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    While it wouldn't be live, you could set up a podcast containing your original beats and mixes.

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    Please, if you are planning on learning to DJ, actually learn to mix songs together, and not just play songs from a playlist and be an "iPod DJ"

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    There are dozens upon dozens, but the good ones are shoutcast, live365, ooMusic (I think), and a few others.

    This is a great idea - go for it if you are interested. If you are not so good at the beginning, shrug it off - you will be once you have some time in the art.

    Best wishes and good luck!!! If you do, make sure to post a link to your station.

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