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    I think I must be the last person left on earth who dosnt have a Facebook account (or at least the last person in the US). I haven't seen the Facebook movie, nor have I ever belonged to Twitter, Myspace, or followed a trend simply because everyone else is doing it

    I am happy that I have never belonged to facebook, I sure hope I am not the only one?

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    You're not. I don't like it, either. All it seems to me is people posting inane things and playing games.

    I don't care if someone just cooked dinner. :P Unless you're bringing it to me I don't want to know.

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    Your part of either two groups.

    "I'm cool because I use facebook" Or "I'm cool because I don't use facebook." Wither you want to be or not. (Okay, thats not actually true. But from the way you worded your post it sounds like you think of yourself as the latter.) Either way, I think people simply stopped caring if you do/don't use facebook or other social networking.

    Because honestly... why should people care? (We got bigger things to focus our thoughts on then if people use facebook or not.... like the people who get so wrapped up into a game like farmville. Once I set my alarm to wake me up at like 2:30 am so I could rotate my crops.... a month latter I quit and deleted that facebook account. Since then I made another account but only to keep in touch with a friend and older brother.)
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    I'm pretty much right there with ya.
    And I'm a flippin' teen o.o
    Just never really saw a point to it when people can just IM me or whatever...

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    I use facebook, I enjoy using it to keep in touch with friends and family, share a few thoughts, and have good old banter on it.

    Then again, I guess I'm just a mindless sheep waiting for the next shiny thing. I'm no way near as cool as you O.o. There can be a difference between following a trend, and using something because it's good. I have an Ipod Nano, I got it not because I follow apple, but because it's a nice mp3 player :/. You can either remain in the dark to new technology, or ride the wave and have fun... :P but it's up to you :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Your part of either two groups.

    "I'm cool because I use facebook" Or "I'm cool because I don't use facebook." Wither you want to be or not. Either way, I think people simply stopped caring if you do/don't use something.

    Because honestly... why should people care?
    I don't think I'm cool because I don't use it. I just don't like it much, so I don't. I know quite a few people who are on there and they tried to get me to sign up but I didn't want to.

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    I don't have a Facebook. I had one at one point when I was told to try it out, though. I spent a few months on it, never really got into it, and suspended the account. I occasionally reactivate it if someone sends me a picture that is only available to see with a Facebook account, but those instances are rare. I resuspend the account right after.

    I saw The Social Network. I highly recommend the film. It's not really about Facebook, so much as it is a biopic about Mark Zuckerberg. It's extremely well done as a film, and very interesting. Kind of like a modern day Citizen Kane (there are many parallels).

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    I don't use Facebook for anything besides what it is, a Social networking site. It's basically a giant fucking address book, photo album, calendar, and a collection of interesting factoids, all rolled into one thing, it's just convenient to use.

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    I signed up for Facebook because everyone else had and I thought that maybe that way I would know what's going on around me more. Well, I could never really get into it. It seems to cause more trouble than it's worth around me, my friend got the police knocking at his door for something, and family members have had unpleasant experiences with it. Not to mention a couple breakups I've heard of...

    Hearing about it all the time is rather irritating too, especially those people who seem to have devoted their lives to Facebook.

    I also tried twitter, but meh, still not for me. More fun to make fun of than to actually use...

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    I had a Facebook, used it for posting a few things. Then realized I just didn't go on it except to check for new proxy sites. xP So I deleted it.(read: delete not deactivate)
    I have a Twitter though, it's so fun and instant. I've been on it for a year and a half and am addicted to it.

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