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Thread: A brief history of my love for nappies.

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    Default A brief history of my love for nappies.

    Dear fellow diaper lovers and adult babies,

    I am new to ADISC and would firstly like to thank everyone for sharing some wonderful stories and advice. I have been a DL ever since I stopped wearing nappies at the 'normal' age. For years I would search every cupboard/wardrobe and even the attic in my house in the hope of finding some old leftover nappies. Unfortunately I think the last of them were given away to my aunt for her daughter (my cousin). I don't remember how it happened but said cousin and I openly shared a fascination for nappies from a very very young age and would spend many hours using sanitary towels as nappies to wee and poo in. Of course, no one else was ever aware of what we were doing as, even as young as 6 or 7, we were careful to dispose of any evidence. This kind of thing went on for probably around 3 years until we realised that what we were doing was probably a bit weird. I don't remember ever having a conversation about stopping, but one day it just happened. I seem to remember continuing to get excited (though too young to be aroused) until my early teens by using sanitary towels but did not realize even then that I had a diaper fetish. [graphic content removed]

    From the age of 16 to about 22 I enjoyed a very active sex life, completely unaware of the DL world. The moment this all changed was in a supermarket in Brazil: I noticed a large packet of adult diapers on the shelf and was overwhelmed with a rush of adrenalin. I wanted to buy the packet right there and then but couldn't pluck up the courage so instead I left the store and headed straight home to look up 'adult diapers' on the internet. [graphic content removed]

    I finally found the courage to buy some diapers of my own and, although it was embarrassing at the time, within a few minutes I was in my flat with a pack of adult diapers ready to try one on for the first time in almost 2 decades.

    I think I'll leave it there for now but perhaps I could go on if anybody would like to hear more.

    [What looked like a meet up request removed]

    Love to all my diaper lover brothers and sisters XXXXXXXXX
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    Hi there mcq88, welcome to ADISC.

    First of all, I had to remove several parts of your introduction, as it was in violation of many of our site rules. I recommend you try reading them over and determining whether or not this is the right community for you. We have plenty of people under the age of 18 here, so we have to work to keep the site free from a lot of graphic content and meet up requests.

    If you are still wanting to be here and think you could do a better job at introducing yourself for who you are as a person (and not just your diaper interests), then please feel free to read my introductions tutorial and give that a try instead. I guarantee you following that and doing it well will bring better results than this one ever could have.

    I'll let you give this another go, realizing that this site is not an 18+ site, and close this thread so it stays in the past.

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