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Thread: Do you love or hate winter and cold weather?

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    Default Do you love or hate winter and cold weather?

    Me. I hate winter and the cold weather that comes with it. A few days ago it was in the 70's F here. Now it's down to 31 F. And were under a winter weather advisory.

    I get so down when it's cloudy and cold out. I just want to stay inside and hibernate. But I can't. I always have to go outside.

    How about you? Love or hate cold weather?

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    Depends on the exact weather. A dry, crisp winter morning with low temperatures, but bright sun and no wind, I've always found very pleasant. I'm certainly not fond of hot weather.

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    I love when it's cold out, that annoying sun is out of the picture and it's really relaxing to just sit outside on a snowy cold day with the sound of a cold breeze. <3

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    Love the snow, hate the cold.
    It sucks to get out of my warm bed in the morning.

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    I love winter when it's snowing and I go out and build a snowman or a giant snowball or go sledging because they are fun but I hate being stuck in the cold being bored and freezing half to death and I hate it when I get a cold because of the coldness but I still love winter more than I hate it.

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    Hate it...

    Around here is almost always rains right after it snows.. so you always get this slushy mess.. and it's always accompanied by roaring wind.

    _and_ it almost always starts in the early afternoon... so you spend half the afternoon at work trying to decide if you should chance it and wait a bit.. or head out early.. then you get home and have to clear the driveway.

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    I love the winter, well mostly because it is the time of year when I get to stay in and play games the most.

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    I hate it with a passion. I live in Ohio and I've seen it all. I've even got some ice and wintry mix coming my way and I'd rather deal with the snow. I hate ice storms. Winter storms also can cost me money at work. If it's bad, they'll call me off work and I'll lose those hours.

    I have NEVER cared to be cold either. I hate winter and I can't wait til it's over and I can actually sit in a ballpark and chug-a-lug a beer and heckle the Cleveland Indians.


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    I dont like cold weather that much, I am very skinny and have a very low amount of body fat. I feel cold indoors under three shirts and two covers!

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