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    Hello everyone, I thought it was about time to join the forum, having lurked about for a while it was only the polite thing to do - especially with topics I wanted to add to but couldn't as a non-member.

    Im a 25 year old guy living in London. Im not going to go into my job etc as I personally feel that isn't important to share - I am sure you won't be too offended.

    I have joined because I am a DL. Im not into TB or regression, I understand other people are and thats cool, its just not my cup of tea.
    The forum is full of lots of interesting suggestions, hints and tips. Instead of freeloading the information, I may as well join in.

    I am into music, sports, films, tv, gaming.
    I play music myself and write songs too but Im not here to boast on my personaly achievments am I lol.

    I joined the forum so I could chat with like minded people. I am sure a lot of you have far more experience and knowledge in this area but on the other side of things we can all chat and have an understanding that we all share at least one interest.

    Thats my introduction thread done. I know its not exactly war and peace but it gives you a small idea about me - see you out there on the boards....

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    Hi! You're rather self-critical given that you've got the intro right first time, unlike so many members. Have you checked out the IRC (aka live chat) or the articles, wiki, blogs... The list goes on.
    Looking forward to seeing you around,

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    Im still having a little dig about, now that a lot more is available since signing up so I am getting used to the place.
    I suppose I could be described as self-critical, I guess it comes from just acting on a what you see is what you get format, I don't pretend to be something that Im not.

    I did forget to mention up there that Im also into photography - gah I knew there was something I missed out

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