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    Ok first off I've just worn in public for the first time. After reading a few posts on here I thought to hell with it why not give it a go. Dun't get too excited tho twas only a pull-up

    Which brings me neatly to my second umm declaration. I went to three shops today to try and buy some dispoables. Firstly where on earth did all the peoples come from. They were everywhere including the ailse with the padded pleasures. It was like everyone decided to come to shop at the same time.

    I did the same thing at each place; walk up to the end of the aisle, notice all the people milling around, panic, walk forward a bit staring at the shelves, panic some more, then hurry up the ailse and out the shop lol. What a pansy

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    Don't feel too down, it's hard to work up courage the first time. It'll get easier after you've had a few successes. Just keep trying. Consider the time of day and day of week as well as the location. But that can have alternate effects. On a busy day a checker isn't like to give you a second glance as they have a checkout they've been working nonstop the last hour. But if you're the only one in the store, you may have to put up with more interaction from the checker.

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    hmmm thats a good point, it did feel like i was being watched tho lol. maybe next time.

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    After my first time shopping I realised that it was no real big deal. It did take a lot of courage the first time. No one really does care what you are buying.

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    When it's your first time you think it is a big deal and that everyone is watching you and judging you. If you calm down and take a step back you will notice that nobody actually cares, this makes it far easier to purchase *B/DL items.

    Of course I doubt any amount of priming is really going to help anyone overcome their fears until they try it for the first time.

    Goodluck next time

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    Quote Originally Posted by chocolateorange View Post
    i'll give it another go tomorrow then and report back
    Good luck

    I found that getting something like a water to drink while you wait to checkout helps. Distracting yourself with your cell phone is also a pretty good option.

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    I'm not sure if you have any kind of self-checkout where you live but here in my corner of the United States, there are lots of stores with self checkout so you can scan your own items and pay. That's an easy option if you feel nervous about it. I can't recall ever having anyone look at me oddly while purchasing diapers. People just don't care.

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    as much as the self checkers seem to be a good idea, I never seem to have good luck with them for anything. The usual drill is I'm in a hurry at walmart and I have a bunch of random stuff, some heavy and some light. And the stupid machine waits for you to drop the item into the bagger carrousel before scanning the next item. Sometimes it doesn't register, so I press "don't bag this item" so it will let me get on with scanning. It lets me do that 3 times or so before it says "please see attendant" or something and I have to waive at the one gal watching the 6 self checkouts to clear me to proceed. I've had to do that as many as three times in one visit. So I don't really like them myself. I seem to have better luck when I TOSS items into the bag instead of setting them down more gently. But I've had this problem with 2L's repeatedly not registering, really you can't tell I just dropped a friggin' 2L into the bag??!

    But if you're only getting a few items, that shouldn't be as much of a risk. Or if your local store calibrates the bagger's scale better than my local walmart.

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    The self check out sucks. You're more likely to attract attention going through them with a pack of diapers if you aren't familiar with them than if you go through a random teenage cashiers line. Odds are they really don't want to be there but just work to pay their gas and phone bills, I know thats what most of my friends did.

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