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    Anyone else wake up and not feel like going into work? Only reason I'm not asleep right now at 7:45am is I just called out of work. I woke up and just said forget it. I rolled over hit the sleep button and feel back asleep. I know its wasting sick time that I may need but its my time to use and I think I will just sleep today. Yea that sound like a great plan to me.

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    Is your time one big bucket of PTO, or is it specifically sick and vacation? Either way, if you're getting it as part of your compensation, there is absolutely no reason to not use it. Enjoy the day off!

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    I get sick, floating holiday, an vacation time. It just started raining here so I will be enjoying my day off. I work outside all day so the rain sucks.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I have called out sick exactly one time in five years. I think I've called out a total of five days since 1993. I have a huge bank of sick leave just in case I ever get into a car accident an am incapacitated for several months.

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    I had to really be sick to call in. And then I would feel bad about it the rest of the day because I knew they didn't have enough people to cover for me. (Which was really they're fault, not mine, I realize that now.)

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