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    I had, a beautiful dream,
    a rainbow in the night,
    a city swept in black,
    with streets paved in light.

    A beauty, I saw, a dying rose.
    Lighting up the street, yet only one.
    A perfect moment, it whispers,
    "tomorrow I'll be gone".

    Traffic lights, and distant sirens,
    deserted streets, and silent wardens,
    expired meters, and forgotten moments,
    line the glowing boulevard.

    Looking out, along the skyline,
    a city shining up, to the heavens,
    little lights, in endless rows,
    a glowing ocean, of forgotten dreams.

    A sleeping giant,
    between boom and bust.
    Moments, memories, held,
    between streets, and stardust.

    So soon, the sun comes,
    soon to banish away, my city.
    Already, the streets are crumbling,
    in the light, of another day.

    A thought, a glance, and I am there,
    with the rose again, hiding from the glare.
    I steal it to my hand, a victory so sweet,
    yet, it crumbles away,
    dust at my feet.

    I had a beautiful dream.
    a city of light, and dark,
    of shapes, of metal,
    with precious life, just a spark.

    A city that forgets me,
    with beauty so temporary,
    and a perfect rose that lives,
    only in my memory.

    I sit, in the cafe, of another day.
    A poster catches my eye,
    a rose on the wall.
    I remember the city I lost,
    and the rose,
    that still makes me smile.

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    write a pretty poem
    then rip it up
    and put it on a salad
    like tasty garlic flavored crutons

    I dident write this i dont know who did

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    i LOVE the rain
    because no one can see me cry
    when im under it

    i LOVE the rain
    Because it washes away all the angry feelings
    and fills the emptyness

    i LOVE the rain
    because it brings life
    and nurished the cold dry ground

    i LOVE the rain
    because it a way
    it represents LOVE itself

    (ha ha i just came up with that on the spot)

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    I look at the clock, on this beautiful night.
    I've been up late 'cause I took a bath.
    and really tired I look, it's 3 am,
    it just seems like the night will never, ever end...

    Still naked I lay, here working on 3ds max
    maybe is time to sleep, I kinda need to relax.

    Now, you probably noticed, that my poetry is crap...
    Ahhhh I'm going to bed, screw all that XD

    I can hardly rhyme in english x.x

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    In counterpoint to OP's poem (which I like as it reminds me of Watchmen, the graphic novel: plus nostalgia can grab me, just so...) - I was saying here's a song, Moody Blues, the b-side to Nights in White Satin: less optimistic but many points of comparison, and both are very atmospheric

    Neon, the city's sun
    Taxis like beetles run, and I see
    Pavements with yellow lines
    Grey walls and big bold signs with darkness
    Up above, all around
    In the sky, on the ground
    This is what, I have found
    Cities, cities

    Here the flowers don't grow
    Here the river's just a sewer
    People who move below
    Buildings with smells and noise and darkness
    Up above, all around
    In the sky, on the ground This is what, I have found
    Cities, cities

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    Not my best but it is short. Please rate it by pm

    Tonight I listen to country while I blog
    While I lay in bed like a bump on a log
    I remember a cherished childhood song about a bog
    And wonder where is the dog

    I call her name as she is a bitch
    And realize my computer just had a glitch
    When I see a man on the screen named Mitch

    As I exit out I forgot the cat didn't get fed
    I fill his bowl and say here kitty kitty Ned
    As I lay back down I wonder if I'll wet the bed

    I push it aside as I here the dog come in the room
    Her pelt I see has a golden loom
    But not as well as it is at full groom
    By: w3

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    The tough time makes me sad
    With heart open in my chest
    It is time for me to stop worrying
    It is time for me to rest

    My troubles aren't over just yet
    Just a heart ache, for me, at best
    A thousand tears a-hidden but,
    It is time for me to rest.

    This notice comes to me
    At a rather dull time
    With music a-blasting in my ears
    Yet, no one ever hears

    With all the heart-aches a-waiting
    It isn't long to be
    But please don't come to the real world
    And take her away from me.

    ~March 2010

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    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I can't write poetry;
    I know that it's true!

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    Haikus are easy, but sometimes they don't make sense. Refrigerator.

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