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Thread: How can you restore old latex?

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    Default How can you restore old latex?

    I did some digging in some old boxes from when we moved (you know how it is: You moved 3 years ago, but the majority of the stuff is in boxes still) looking for my books, when I found a box with some of my and my sister's old baby stuff.

    There wasn't much: Just a few articles of clothing, some toys and books, and an old glass bottle, probably 30 oz or something, with a latex nipple. It was actually my sister's old bottle, but it's still a neat find. Problem is, the nipple is pretty old and is kinda hard.

    There aren't any major cracks in it, but it's still a bit stiff. Is there any way to restore latex to it's previous state? Would a mineral rub, or oil work? If not, can you still buy latex nipples?

    Thanks guys!

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    You can still buy latex nipples.

    I don't know of any way to restore latex after it's gotten hard. It usually gets brittle with age, too. So if you were thinking about using it, I'd definitely try to get some new nipples.

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