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Thread: Hey I'm Aaron

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    Talking Hey I'm Aaron

    Hey I'm Aaron and I just joined and now they want me to introduce myself I guess lol. So ummmm...I wear goodnites and Attends but I'm planning on getting some thicker diapers as well but I have to buy them myself and even thought I've done it before it's still embarassing anyway you can email me if you want just send me a message and I'll give it to you.

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    New question:
    Are you human?
    if so/not, what type of earthling activities do you often partake in to blend in with their culture?

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    Well first off I love your name lol
    I am 'human' but I'm a babyfur and my fursona is a gray and black wolf around age 3 or 4 still in diapers. I like to swim at both the beach and pools. I like listening to all kinds of music and I'm still waiting for an underwater iPod.

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    Ah Im also from California.
    Nice to meet you and hope to see you around, unlike 90% of people who make an intro and never post again lol

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    yeah lol i plan on at least making an effort to participate here on this site

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    I too am from CA, and I like your avatar. :P

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    Welcome to ADISC!
    Yeah, you are lucky because there's a lot of kool DLs in The Golden State!
    Have fun getting to know the whole site, I know you'll make lots of friends from Cali and all over!
    - Will
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    Hey there Aaron, welcome to ADISC enjoy you're time here

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewThatsMyName View Post
    I too am from CA, and I like your avatar. :P
    yeah I find alot of DLs on the internet from around here and thanks I like my avatar to lol. it's a tavi-tag you can look them up on google.

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    We should abduct this thread and make it into: Hey! TB/DL/BF's from California! bad joke...

    Generic question: Do you do any sports?

    Anyway, nice to see you around, Aaron. I hope you have fun!

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